Photos of Dying Foliage


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My Chemtrails photographs from Nova Scotia Canada

DyingPlants_1181AAA Radioactive Chemtrails_4300Radioactive Chemtrails_4281Radioactive Chemtrails_4295AAAChemtrailsTrees_2490A

R.I.P. – In the name of the rose

Published on 12 Aug 2012

Nehmt euch die Zeit und schaut euch das Video bitte an.
Es geht nur um Natur, die Schönheit der Rosen und die Vernichtung durch geheimes “Globalengineering”. Wer immer noch Gegenteiliges behauptet, der hat den Ernst der Lage nicht erkannt. Danke für eure Zeit.

Take the time and look you the video please at.
It is only about nature, the beauty of the roses and the destruction by secret “global engineering”. Who still otherwise claims that has not recognized the seriousness of the situation. Thank you for your time.

Musik: Runestone
Album: Sacred Circle
Titel: 2 – The Sentient Forest

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Darren O’Brien Here in alabama the same thing is happing!

8 thoughts on “Photos of Dying Foliage”

  1. I have seen these trails for years, but I thought was just water vapors from powerful jet exhaust, I have witnessed the checker board pattern , and the continious loop patterns, and thought they were Military manuavers. As I fished the Great Lakes for over three decades I see these patterns all the time, and also have witnessed, strange weather patterns, like non predicted cloud burst, water spouts more frequently, high winds with no rain, snowflakes at temps over 45 degrees, sunsets with almost fluorescent colors most nights, warmer less snow winters, high powered thunderstorms that last all day ????? SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT ! In the 50’s to the beginning of the 80’s I do not remember this kind of spontaneous ERRATIC weather. If this is true about, Chemtrails, and HAARP, Can we as citizens do anything about this, or are we at the mercy INDUSTRIAL MILITARY COMPLEX ?


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