Understanding Chemtrails by Kevin Galalae

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New 2018 Climate GeoEngineering Chemtrails Documentary ‘OVERCAST’

Published on May 30, 2017

Who is responsible for chemtrails?

Published on May 13, 2017

Why are chemtrails denied?

Published on Jun 4, 2017


Published on Jul 20, 2017

It’s Called The 5G BEAST SYSTEM For A Reason (2018)

Published on Jan 9, 2018

5G, chemtrails , and the sun simulator = the death of Earth

Real Dangers OF 5G Wireless Radiation

Published on Nov 15, 2017

5G – The Elephant in Your Living Room

5G Technology – What You Need To Know!

Published on Nov 23, 2017
4G: Fourth Generation Wireless Data Bandwidth: 2Mbps to 1Gbps Frequency Band: 2 to 8 GHz Service: Dynamic information access, wearable devices, HD streaming, global roaming Vs. 5G: Fifth Generation Wireless Data Bandwidth: 1Gbps and higher as per need Frequency Band: 3 to 300 GHz Service: Dynamic information access, wearable devices, HD streaming, any demand of users 5G wireless is coming earlier than you thought.
A standards body says the next-generation wireless network can hit a deadline of 2019 instead of 2020.
Look all around you. Towers are going up everywhere replacing the older, slower technology. They are now starting to replace our main power-lines on the greenbelt a mile from my home in Orlando with new larger towers.
They are going from 60 feet to 100 feet in height with 5G WiFi hot spots on each.
They are spaced out every couple hundred yards for at least 5 miles. As 5G signals travel a shorter distance than 4G, they will have to put relays every 10 houses or so to ensure no gap in transmission.
These towers were suppose to be installed by the end of September 2017 but Hurricane Irma slowed their plans by a couple months.
SMH If you feel sick now and believe it may be do to all the radio transmission in the air all around you, wait until 5G is fully activated and more WiFi devices come on line accessing data 24 hours a day.
Health Risks of 5G Technology: Dr. Devra Davis Original Source: https://youtu.be/PwLJOxXGOww
Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors Patent # US 6506148 B2 https://www.google.com/patents/US6506148
Method and device for implementing the radio frequency hearing effect US 6470214 B1 https://www.google.com/patents/US6470214
RFID Microchips – Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars https://youtu.be/2IiJEY-4AdA
Eat healthy, pray daily, put on the Full Armor of God. Put down and turn off your devices when you can. God bless everyone. Jesus loves you all. Content in this video thanks to The Black Child https://www.youtube.com/channel/UConU… / Truthstream Media https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVEa… / FaceLikeTheSun https://www.youtube.com/user/FaceLike…

5G – The Beast System Part 1

Published on Nov 24, 2017

5G The Beast is Awaken! NEW WORLD ORDER



Chemtrails Of the Ocean: Government Launches New Toxic AquaTrails

Chemtrails Of the Ocean: Government Launches New Toxic AquaTrails : –

Marine cloud brightening is part of a broader concept known as geoengineering which encompasses efforts to use technology to manipulate the environment. Brightening, like other geoengineering proposals, is controversial for its ethical and political ramifications and the uncertainty around its impact. But those aren’t reasons not to study it, Wood said.

Neon Nettle ReportsDespite the fact that our oceans cover over 70% of our planet, nuclear meltdowns and toxic oil spillages like Fukushima would seem to occur more often than can be explained away by malpractice. A pattern has been emerging regarding the locations of these ‘accidents’.

An award-winning online community named THE WELL reported in the 1990’s that odd emissions had been spotted floating behind large vessels, which did not dissipate normally according to Kelvin wake patterns. Oceanographers at the Wyoming Institute of Technology have coined these dispersals “Aquatrails”. Other Scientists were quick to dismiss the reports citing the usual ‘conspiratorial’ cry similar to chemtrails.

Jaques Cousteau, the father of oceanic environmentalism was a vocal proponent of population control, as espoused by David Rockefeller and other globalists. Cousteau is quoted “The damage people cause to the planet is a function of demographics – it is equal to the degree of development. One American burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangladeshis .

In order to stabilize world population, we will eliminate 350,000 people per day.” (Demanding Accountability, United Nations Development Fund for Women, 1984, p. 84-85). Not long after this address, chemtrails were first spotted in our skies. Was Aquatrails overlooked until the 90’s?

Health officials recently recorded the incidence of a complex compound known as monomethyl mercury in our seas. Mysteriously, something is converting element mercury into a more dangerous methylated form.

This bioaccumulative toxicant can appear in the types of fish most popular with middle-class consumers, for example, Mackerel, Bass, Cod and others. Short attention spans and lowered IQ’s are the toxic effect on especially young people, which results in an inability to grasp the enormity of the issues facing them in the future.

Harddawn reports: “This is clearly an issue that demands further study. It is criminal for our governments to deny this crisis and it is unethical for the media to partake in the global cover-up.

As citizens, we need to pressure Congress and our local officials to investigate. In order to succeed, we need to make aqua tails as significant an issue as chemtrails is in the mainstream consciousness. Candidates running for higher office, including the 2016 presidential election, must be called out on this controversy and they must state on record whether they support America’s Constitutional prerogatives or if they are beholden to the New World Order’s Agenda 21″.

Chemtrails have led the way, now it’s time for the aquatrails experts to speak out.

Washington EDU Reports :

“What we’re trying to do is make the case that this is a beneficial experiment to do,” Wood said. With enough interest in cloud brightening from the scientific community, funding for an experiment may become possible, he said.

The theory behind so-called marine cloud brightening is that adding particles, in this case sea salt, to the sky over the ocean would form large, long-lived clouds. Clouds appear when water forms around particles. Since there is a limited amount of water in the air, adding more particles creates more, but smaller, droplets.

“It turns out that a greater number of smaller drops has a greater surface area, so it means the clouds reflect a greater amount of light back into space,” Wood said. That creates a cooling effect on Earth.

Marine cloud brightening is part of a broader concept known as geoengineering which encompasses efforts to use technology to manipulate the environment. Brightening, like other geoengineering proposals, is controversial for its ethical and political ramifications and the uncertainty around its impact. But those aren’t reasons not to study it, Wood said.

“I would rather that responsible scientists test the idea than groups that might have a vested interest in proving its success,” he said. The danger with private organizations experimenting with geoengineering is that “there is an assumption that it’s got to work,” he said.

Wood and his colleagues propose trying a small-scale experiment to test feasibility and begin to study effects. The test should start by deploying sprayers on a ship or barge to ensure that they can inject enough particles of the targeted size to the appropriate elevation, Wood and a colleague wrote in the report. An airplane equipped with sensors would study the physical and chemical characteristics of the particles and how they disperse.

The next step would be to use additional airplanes to study how the cloud develops and how long it remains. The final phase of the experiment would send out five to 10 ships spread out across a 100 kilometer, or 62 mile, stretch. The resulting clouds would be large enough so that scientists could use satellites to examine them and their ability to reflect light.

Wood said there is very little chance of long-term effects from such an experiment. Based on studies of pollutants, which emit particles that cause a similar reaction in clouds, scientists know that the impact of adding particles to clouds lasts only a few days.

Still, such an experiment would be unusual in the world of climate science, where scientists observe rather than actually try to change the atmosphere.

Wood notes that running the experiment would advance knowledge around how particles like pollutants impact the climate, although the main reason to do it would be to test the geoengineering idea.

A phenomenon that inspired marine cloud brightening is ship trails: clouds that form behind the paths of ships crossing the ocean, similar to the trails that airplanes leave across the sky. Ship trails form around particles released from burning fuel.

But in some cases ship trails make clouds darker. “We don’t really know why that is,” Wood said.

Despite increasing interest from scientists like Wood, there is still strong resistance to cloud brightening.

“It’s a quick-fix idea when really what we need to do is move toward a low-carbon emission economy, which is turning out to be a long process,” Wood said. “I think we ought to know about the possibilities, just in case.”

The authors of the paper are treading cautiously.

“We stress that there would be no justification for deployment of [marine cloud brightening] unless it was clearly established that no significant adverse consequences would result. There would also need to be an international agreement firmly in favor of such action,” they wrote in the paper’s summary.

There are 25 authors on the paper, including scientists from University of Leeds, University of Edinburgh and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The lead author is John Latham of the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the University of Manchester, who pioneered the idea of marine cloud brightening.

Wood’s research was supported by the UW College of the Environment Institute.

Sources : Neon Nettle, UWToday

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