Ezekiel’s Vision Part 2: Silicone Nanoparticles In Chemtrails & The Future Of Silicone Based Life

Published on Apr 30, 2016

What is Nanotechnology | Introduction to Nanotechnology | Nanotechnology Documentary

Published on Feb 27, 2013

NanoTechScience – Nanotechology lectures

See nano fiber in the birds mouth

Double click on image to view full sized 4000px photo..

MEET ALICE: The Truth behind Rocket Fuel and Chemtrails

Published on Jun 16, 2014

ALICE: Combustion of Frozen Nanoaluminum
and Water Mixtures

The future of Nano Aluminum propellants is here.It is not in our FUTURE, it has arrived.

Negative impacts:
• Atmospheric impacts generally come from the interaction of propellant exhaust with the atmosphere.
• Shock sensitivity was performed to determine whether the propellant (ALICE) would propagate a detonation wave.
• Ground-based impacts range from groundwater contamination to explosions caused by mishandling of propellants.
• Space-based impacts generally focus on debris and effects on spacecraft.
• Biological impacts tend to focus on the toxicology and corrosiveness of propellants.
“ALICE produces hydrogen and alumina as its main exhaust; while these are generally billed as environmentally friendly, stratospheric alumina has the potential to reduce ozone concentrations.”

Let’s ask the question?
What does it mean John D. Desain of mean when he stated that one of the negative results of testing ALICE was “stratospheric alumina has the potential to reduce ozone concentrations.”

“ALICE might one day replace some liquid or solid propellants, and, when perfected, might have a higher performance than conventional propellants,” said Timothee Pourpoint, a research assistant professor in the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics. It’s also extremely safe while frozen because it is difficult to accidentally ignite,” Steven Son, associate professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue University, NASA

read more here:

AL-ice, ALICE, Atmospheric impact , ground water impact, environmental toxins, heavy metal toxins,Aluminium-Ice

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Trans-Humanism / Genetic Modification of all Life / Nano-Technology / HAARP / Geoengineering – Film

Published on Nov 24, 2012

Genetic Modification of all Life!!! New Documentary Film
Enslavement of the human race
This is part of the Endgame but not all . . .MUST WATCH
The State of our World

‘Trans Formation’ By Max Igan


Trans-Humanism / Genetic Modification of all Life / Nano-Technology / HAARP / Geoengineering -Film


The latest film by Max Igan, one of the greatest humans to ever walk this planet. This man deserves his rightful place in the history books, right next to the greatest minds of all time.

Max Igan’s YouTube Channel:

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Electromagnitism and Chemtrails

Transhumanism is –

Trans Humanism genetic modification of all life nano technology. HAARP nanotechnology nano transformation trans formation humanism is. Nanoparticles nanotech what is nanotechnology. Future technology transformation

The Counterfeit Military Program of chemtrails to end in 2015

Published on May 29, 2015

What are chemtrails? Who is conducting the spraying? Is it possible that the program will end in 2015? If so , how will that happen? Peter Kirby (author of the book Chemtrails Exposed) presents his facts.He explains the origins of weather modification, ( history of chemtrails and geoengineering programs) , when they started, who’s invention it was originally, what the programs efforts are all about, why they are spraying globally, and the gamut of the LIE. CHEMTRAILS KILL, but is this the original intent?
Does it matter?

Order Mr. Kirby’s book on Amazon : Chemtrails Exposed: A new Manhattan Project : “You should read the following exposé and ask the tough questions about what OUR government says is NOT happening.”Peter Kirby

(Follow the link here:

Some of the excerpts written by Peter Kirby:
“In his 1905 United States patent number 787,412 “Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through the Natural Mediums” Tesla describes how electromagnetic energy may be sent and received through the atmosphere. The Supreme Court found that U.S. patent #645,576 “System of Transmission of Electrical Energy” proves he invented radio; not Marconi. He pioneered radar. He invented wireless signal and power transmission. Yes, power can be transmitted wirelessly; we’ll have more about that later. ”

Additional Information This is written by Aviation Expert Mr. Mark McCandlish he point of origination for the link between HAARP and the nanoparticles in the chemtrail aerosols was obvious to me from the moment someone suggested that nanoparticles were the form in which Aluminum, Barium and Strontium were being sprayed in chemtrails.
In fact, it hit on a couple of different notes.
1) Early stealth technologies, such as “chaff” which is dumping particles of Aluminum foil in the wake of an aircraft to defeat the targeting radar of a missile closing on the plane. It sees the cloud of reflective foil strips as a bigger and thus “higher” priority target to destroy.
2) This evolved into the discovery that microscopically-small particles of Aluminum can be sized to resonate at known radar frequencies of Russian and Chinese defensive systems. By embedding billions of particles of the appropriate size in the pigment of an aircraft, the incoming radar signal is absorbed through a resonance process by these particles (all of the same size) and a good part of the radar signal is converted into heat instead of a reflected radar signal giving the original signal source the location of the plane.
Chemtrails and HAARP simply do the same thing, except that the nanoparticles are floating in the air, so you can heat up a regional airmass by “painting” it with the resonant microwave frequency of those particles. And as long as you maintain that broadcast, the air will continue to be heated.
This one fact is how they are able to generate such powerful storms.
3) HAARP– the High-frequency, Active Auroral Research Program, is a group of radio frequency (RF) antennas that are placed in a very precise grid arrangement.
We’re talking about precision within thousandths of an inch in terms of their exacting distances from one another.
The group of antennas is called a “phased array”. Sounds real technical, but is only means that the individual antennas can transmit in phases, like first row ten, then row nine, then row eight– all in a sequence.
It really has to do with picking a distant target- (a regional airmass with the appropriate nanoparticles already floating there) and then determining which antennas are farthest away from the target within the grid of antennas.
Since the object of this system is to make all of their signals arrive on target at the same time, it is really a matter of charting who goes first and then all those after that.
But the real impact of this system design is that once all of these signals are properly timed, the radio waves head out and fall into alignment at exactly the place where the target airmass is.
The overlap or “entrainment” of those signals is a kind of intense amplification. And having a region of air filled with nanoparticles that resonate at the given frequency bumps the power yield even more.
This is why is is so dangerous. Because you really can focus this system so precisely that you can fry the lungs of a flock of black birds who harmlessly inhaled the air containing those nanoparticles then cook the nanoparticles to such an extent that it destroys the lungs of the birds– in flight. Death is almost instantaneous.
If these events had been a bioweapon release (even by accident) there would have been a lot of collateral damage, as in people or other wildlife.
4) A retired television engineer, John Kanzius thought that this process might be a great way to target and kill cancer cells non-invasively if a means of precisely placing some nanoparticles could be found. And he did; Carbon and Gold nanoparticles of a specific size will adhere to a particular protein found in malignant tumors. Infuse these materials into a patient’s blood stream, wait for them to find and nest in the tumor, then paint the patient with the resonant microwave frequency. Heat up the tumor tissue to 135*F and it kills the malignant cells, but leaves healthy and more robust tissue unharmed. The malignant cells die, then the white blood cells come along and gobble up all the necrotic tissue left behind. Anywhere in the body. The drawback of this method comes from the flood of debris that then must be filtered out of the blood stream by the kidneys. And if the tumor (or tumors) was big enough, you could have a patient go into kidney failure. So the trick is to gauge the amount of tumor tissue the patient can tolerate the removal of, then only infuse enough of your special nanoparticles to kill up to the predetermined limit.
5) Jet fuel additives are a fairly well-developed science, and they can be used to address everything from reducing fuel “slosh” and evaporation, to enhancing the amount of Oxygen consumed during combustion or suppressing the growth of fungus in the fuel delivery system. But Aluminum nanoparticles are special in one remarkable way, because if they are heated, the outer layer of Aluminum becomes an oxide. (like rust on an old steel-bodied car.)
The characteristic that makes this so significant, is that Aluminum Oxide is the combination of two atoms of Aluminum with three atoms of Oxygen, So when these “oxide-coated” nanoparticles are consumed in a jet engine’s combustion reaction, all the Oxygen is released into the reaction, creating a much more efficient burn.
It produces more heat, more thrust, and can actually enable the aircraft to fly higher than normal, because even though the air gets “thinner” at higher altitudes (meaning less Oxygen) by embedding Aluminum Oxide nanoparticles in the fuel, you are carrying an added Oxygen supply right there in the fuel itself, without anything changing the qualities of the fuel until combustion happens.
Then, the Aluminum is vaporized and condenses in the exhaust behind the aircraft in the sub-zero air at altitude. One scientist over the last year was quoted as saying these nanoparticles in the fuel are too small to form ice condensation nuclei– (which is true at the scale used in the jet fuel) but AFTER combustion, the condensed nanoparticle sizes are larger.
It’s kind of like when you’re driving along and the weather begins to drizzle, with countless microscopic particles of water hitting your windshield. But after a while, they start clumping together because of the cohesive effects of water droplets. And they form larger droplets. The same thing happens in the jet aircraft exhaust trail associated with nano-metallized fuels. So in one sense they really are “condensation trails”… Really ENHANCED condensation trails.
6) And so once these particles make it out of the exhaust of a jet engine, they can be influenced with microwave broadcasts (some directed, some not) and the heating can stir up the local weather, in powerful ways. Some of this we’ve talked about before: Powerful convection cells that create huge hailstones. Stuff like that. So between the cooling effect of laying out a reflective layer with the chemtrails or heating the air up with the aerosols you can steer weather systems in very predictable ways.
7) by controlling where moisture goes (or does not go) you can alter the landscape over time, using drought and flooding as a double-edged sword, and certainly no less of a weapon, albeit complete hidden in what outwardly appears to be a natural process.” Via Mr. Mark *McCandlish

Power of Nanotechnology Video Blow Your Mind

Published on Apr 11, 2013

Nano-coating Technology Makes Your Electronics Gadget Completely Waterproof

Published on Mar 11, 2013

See how Nanocoating Makes Your Electronics Completely Waterproof demo :

Nanotechnology Makes Your Electronics Gadget Completely Waterproof

Air Force Bugbot Nano Drone Technology

Published on Apr 11, 2013

Air Force Bugbots Nano Drone video gives a peak inside what nano-drone technology the Federal Government is currently implementing within the united states more than a scary thought or sci-fi movie, they have arrived.

The deadly, insect-sized drones of the future – Unobtrusive, Invasive, and Lethal are here as depicted in this old video

The Air Force is reportedly developing winged drones that can sneak up on a suspected enemy as stealthily as a mosquito

This is the video missing from this article:

A law signed by President Barack Obama in February 2012 directs the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to throw American airspace wide open to drones by September 30, 2015.

Nano sized Drones Combined With DNA Hacking Could Create A Very Scary Future for the United States in light of a law president Obama signed last year implementing a fleet of at least 30,000 spy drones to spy on small town USA no later than 2015 to spy on Americans.

Unfortunately this is a true story and as long as we continue to let politicians like President Barack Obama and other democrats pick apart and fundamentally change our constitution instead of protecting it, we move closer to an extreme communist state in our country.

In case you didn’t know it – and you probably didn’t – Congress, with little fanfare, passed an FAA re-authorization bill that President Obama signed into law that will put 30,000 flying drones spying on Americans across U.S. cities by government.

People are already nervous about the prospect of being watched by law enforcement (and possibly the military or DHS), but our leaders employ these tools nevertheless and “we the people” are letting them.

Even the liberal news huffington post has a video news story about this although they try to legitimize the reasons for needing this to save lives.

The president has ordered 30,000 spy drones to be used within the United States to spy on Americans to be implemented by 2015
We are already seeing evidence of spy drones being used within the United States and NOT for border patrol

Government Spy Drone Crashes in Maryland but what about preserving our constitutional rights and freedoms?

The Future of Drone Surveillance: Swarms of Cyborg Insect Drones

Tiny robot mosquito drones being researched by the US government –

National Geographic Story:

Government Working On Mosquito-Sized Drones

Micro-Drones Combined With DNA Hacking Could Create A Very Scary Future – Business Insider

USA Today Story:

Studying butterfly flight to help build bug-size flying robots –

US military developing insect surveillance drones

Video of squadron of nano quad rotor aerial drones – Army Using Tiny Drones:

Drones In U.S.: More Unmanned Aircraft Will Be Flying In Domestic Airspace By 2015 (VIDEO)

Washington Times Story over Domesticly Used Drones:

Snopes reports nano drones true but then brushes it off


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