Apocalypse Trumpet Sounds

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SOUND of HAARP WEAPON IN ACTION !!! SCARY Lights & Noise!! 2011


Uploaded on 17 Aug 2011

Does HAARP Make A Sound?? If Not.. Then What is…
The News Clip is From March 2011. All the Video Clips are from 2011!!
So.. Does HAARP make a Sound? If You Enjoyed This Video Please Share And Like It!!

Revelation Trumpets Being Heard Around the World?


Uploaded on 27 Aug 2011

The Trumpets of the Book of Revelation are sounding around the world. I am not a religious fanatic, but these things sound like the warnings described in the Book of Revelation.

These sounds alone can be dismissed, but together with the earthquakes in uncommon places, same with tornadoes, snow storms in the desert, floods here, droughts there, and volcanoes everywhere, and these sounds on top of that, then you have too many variables hitting the mark at the same time. Let me know what you think, and please vote…

Strange Trumpet Sounds – Bible Prophecy? (James L. Paris)

Published on 5 Mar 2012

http://www.jimparisnewsletter.com by http://ChristianMoney.com
What exactly are these strange trumpet sounds?

Could they be warnings of the end of days?

Are these apocalyptic trumpets?

Are these mysterious trumpet sounds linked to Bible prophecy? Includes James L. Paris interview with LA Marzulli. Check out our podcast on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/bi… James L. Paris’ other videos http://www.jameslparis.us

Strange sound in Finland


Uploaded on 10 Feb 2012

Strange sound from the sky in Tammela, Finland 10.02.2012. The voice lasted almost 10 minutes. My camera`s microphone is quite shitty, so the noise is not so scary as it was in real life.

Strange Earth Sounds Collected and Theories Appended 2012


Uploaded on 4 Feb 2012

Here is a collection of of the global, strange sounds from 2012 with some theories appended. If you have heard the sounds and would like to skip to the theories start at 09:15

Dutchsinse put together most of the earth sounds you can find him at:

We hope you enjoyed this as much as we enjoyed making it for you. Cheers!

Strange Sounds Heard All Around The World January 2012 : Earth Waking UP!

Uploaded on 19 Jan 2012

Seems like this is the End! Better get your Herb Pack NOW!

Strange sounds coming from the sky Allen Tx


Uploaded on 24 Jan 2012

The Earth is Groaning – Unknown sound phenomena occurring 2011


Uploaded on 19 Aug 2011


Strange sounds of UNKNOWN origin penetrating through the earth. The phenonema has been on going for months now in various parts of the world and has been given no real explination to how or why.

One possible theory to the phenonema is the sounds are being caused drilling to make way for large underground bomb shelters as some Governments are taking the threat of 2012 seriously. These noises are being reported on a much larger scale compared to what this video shows.

credit given for footage used from sheilaaliens

Strange sounds all over the world Jerusalem, houston, New York, Belgium, ect..


Uploaded on 10 Feb 2012

Is this the blowing of the shofar, the rams horn that precedes the day of the Lord?

Apocalypse Sounds Played All At Once “Amazing” Bible Prophecy!


Uploaded on 2 Feb 2012

Theologian Paul Begley of Indiana plays an audio (news reports from CTV) (Shawn Fussell Texas made the combination apocalypse sounds) of all the different sounds heard around the world!

http://www.paulbegleyprophecy.com The Apocaylpse sounds seem to be coming from Heaven including the shofar…


25 thoughts on “Apocalypse Trumpet Sounds”

  1. Considering the video of JAMES L PARIS in that video how can you say no too the shofar in biblical times.i think it’s very compiling and true !


  2. Jesus is calling with His own voice Wake up world HE IS WARNING US HE IS COMING BACK!! accept him HE IS REAL WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT AS PROOF!!!!


  3. I have heard these strange sounds as well on at least two occasions. The first occasion produced the sound at short bursts, where I would hear it last for five minutes and then disappear; and then it would kick on again. I remember seeing videos on Youtube (and although you shouldn’t believe everything on Youtube), and it suddenly seemed like a reality to me. There are no factories nearby; no processing plants, not even a scrap yard to associate the sounds with. I also remember feeling sick to my stomach upon walking outside. My theory is that perhaps H.A.A.R.P is messing around with the ionosphere and strumming it like a guitar string. It’s my theory that the ionosphere is like an elastic bubble; if you rub it the right way, i will produce strange effects, such as weather or trumpeting.


    1. I belive jeses is coming soon. he told me he was coming soon. if you dont know him get ready and acept him as your lord and savor.


      1. For some reason they choose calm wind days whenever they go a sprayin.

        A sprayin we will go. A sprayin we will go! Heigh Ho the dario A sprayin we will go!


      2. that s right mate we ve been noticing the same here in australia in fact it s all explain in the book of revalation get you self ready jesus is coming to collete every one who follows the bible god bless you al


    2. Well put. Two days ago was PERFECTLY blue skies wall to wall here in Western Oregon with a steady NE wind to clear the gunk out. Now that the winds are calm they are heavy spraying the skies almost to the point of a white out.

      There has been spraying reports from Southern Oregon up to Seattle and this morning I saw no less then 4 chem trails real close to each other.

      Before I was awake Mom saw one from a weird direction from over the Cascades.

      As soon as the sun started to set the clouds within a half hours time suddenly vanished to a deep clear with normal high fog in the background slowly coming in.

      I have not heard any strange sounds here but then again it may be because I don’t live near any military bases where they would train nor are their any SBX Transmitters that I know of.


  4. Well what I’m about to tell you, should give you a clue on who or what is making those sounds.

    This is the new testament Psalms.
    Psalms 148:150 this is a psalms testament bible
    Praise the lord for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness.
    Praise him with the sound of the trumpet: praise him with the psaltery and harp.
    And praise him with stringed instruments and organs.

    Now does this give you a clue on who’s making those weird loud trumpet sounds? Wake up people, those sounds are letting us know that the lord is on his way.


  5. could this all be related to the trumpet mentioned by one “Enoch” on MESSAGES OF SALVATION – JESUS THE GOOD SHEPHERD
    which is reported to be announcing the tribulation


  6. These sounds that are being heard around the world are all explained in the bible. Jesus is warning and trying to awaken those who have not yet accepted him and his grace. His wish is for none of us to perish that is why he is warning the entire world of his second coming (rapture) however people are still blinded by the worldly pleasures, that will all perish too. Believe what is being said to you repent of your sins and accept jesus christ as your lord and saviour and you shall live an eternal life as promised. He loves you and has already forgiven you of all your sins, do not feel condemed, as it is the works of evil who condemn humanity so that they do not accept and have a relationship with God and end up in the eternal pit (hell). God does not condemn you he LOVES you!!! We are all his children, he has already saved every single human being we are all destined to reign in heaven alongside him… all you have to do is accept and believe through faith in Jesus Christ sacrifice. Do not be decieved these signs are REAL jesus is coming!!!!!!


    1. Actually the bible says Math 7:21 that Not Everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter the Kingdom of heaven, only those who does the will of God. And it explains that many will enter through the wide gate that leads to destruction. So how can we know for sure that we will be saved? John 6:53-56 Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood (Passover!!! Not Communion or any man made name given for his flesh and blood), has eternal life and I will raise them up at the last day. http://www.uccspace.net http://www.watv.org you will find the truth here!


  7. i had an experience hearing it during our 3rd day in Spiritual Retreat in Zambales (Phil.), Dec 22, 2014 around noon. I’ts like loud metals grinding, but my son heard trumpet sound instead and other youth attendees at the same time. And I know for sure Jesus is coming soon…to take away His faithful servants to escape the wrath to come..

    35 For as a snare shall it come on “ALL THEM” that dwell on the face of the whole earth.
    36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape(RAPTURE) all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21


  8. Everything about this smells so much like Project Blue Beam. Guess they finally decided to kick it up a notch now that Congress feels secured with their *Savior* in the white house and they can start focusing on manmade Global Freezing..


    1. Its the trumpet prophesy of revelation.
      Jesus is coming back soon, to take all of those who believe in him out of this world, because of the judgement that is coming on the world isn’t for the believers (Because those who trust in jesus as our savior {jesus paid the sin debt we could not pay with his blood} aren’t going to go through the time of wrath, we are forgiven, by his blood by grace) this judgement that is coming is for those that refuse God. Refuse jesus,
      So the world is getting what it wants a place without God. He is taking his children away.
      The only problem is When God takes him self away, satan walks in and Tries
      To take over and destroy the world .
      Hell on earth.
      Please hear me. I dont know you. I dont know if you are saved or not.
      Please dont harden your heart towards jesus. He dosnt want anyone to experience what is about to take place. Please ask him to save you. Ask him to forgive your sins. Please ask him to come in to your heart.
      Like this, Lord jesus, i know I’m a sinner , i know if i die a sinner i will be
      Separated from you forever in a place
      Called Hell. I don’t want that. Please forgive me of my sins, come in to my heart and make me new from the inside out. Thank you for saving me.

      Now find a bible teaching, bible believing church and go and learn more about jesus and what you need to do next . Start reading John in the new testiment.
      Dont be left behind!!


  9. I was an Atheist until I heard these sounds.

    I’m not anymore.

    (Full disclosure: raised by evangelist Christians, one violently abusive. Prayed for a kinder dad. Never got one. Turned against the whole thing and still do not believe everything in The Bible. Dad was quite obsessed with Daniel and Revelations. I was forced to read and be able to quote them. While Atheist, I remained spiritual and worked for the side of Good, and prayed grudgingly to God in secret, hoping He would exist, and told him, “I became Atheist because you let me down so many times; and because I could not resist loving you, I decided it would be better to believe you don’t exist than to despise and hate you for your failures.” Continued to serve Good, continued to deny there was a God. Welp? I may read Hitchens, but I know damned well what these sounds are and anybody who claims otherwise is both completely stupid and sadly doomed, one of those who won’t ‘get it’ before it’s too late. These sounds announce it’s now too late.)

    The trick of these sounds, and how they convince, is not only that they are not the same across the world ,that they are uniform and consistent. It’s something far worse. Like the slowed chirps of crickets shared a few years ago and how they resemble a passionate celestial choir, these strange horn sounds are BOTH TERRIFYING AND BEAUTIFUL AT THE SAME TIME. I work in Hollywood and at first suspected very strongly WE were behind this ‘nonsense’. I no longer do. The sound alerts your soul, if you have remained in service of Good. You still contain ‘the equipment necessary’ to heed what is obvious but a now depressingly spiritless, closed-minded world can no longer perceive.

    Anybody who claims they trust and know Science but then immediately discounts these sounds as a hoax without conducting tests on objectively-gathered evidence then vetting the results is as blind as they imagine those they ridicule. The fact is these sounds are what the ancients warned would resemble trumpets; in the period in which The Bible was written, trumpets did not sound like the splendid golden gleaming First Chair at the Berlin Philharmonic – they were primitive and raw and sounded like exactly what you all hear, here!

    What convinces the heart in full is they sound like a mass of shofarim: the biggest, most gigantic shofar section of the most gigantic orchestra imaginable, all intoning together like on Rosh Hashanah, and the sound is clearly coming from above, not below.

    Now: If St. John of Patmos heard this noise in a vision, what do you think he would have described it as? That’s right. “Trumpets”. That’s what he knew. It was the closest thing he could acquaint it to.

    Mankind cannot know what angels are or what instruments they play; mankind is mankind; and man’s time has run out. Thank heaven. Finally. What a cruel and terrible species you are. I know my life trip with you has been almost non-stop horror. I’ll be glad to finally step off.

    Anyone who thinks this sound is of any natural origin is an idiot. The soul knows what is for the soul; the ear, not the eye, perceives sound; how would that fashioned for the ear be perceptible to the eye? Can you see a sound without an oscillator or waveform printout?

    Thus in like manner a soul already well-tuned to what’s beyond will know without doubt and recognize at once its signal that peace and home are coming soon and at last for the gentle among men…

    The goats and the sheep have been sorted. Time’s up. That’s what this means.

    And that for that narrow tiny weak band of frail do-gooders who refused to join either side of you fighting and yelling… peace is near to hand, at last… and we can finally leave the cruelty we have experienced here behind.

    Finally, it’s their fearsomeness and beauty simultaneously: that’s what does it, and what did it for me. This is no Hollywood trick. I work here in sound editing and I know what we’re capable of. Some videos contain hoax audio. But most have an artistic and emotional resonance beyond our work here in Los Angeles, one that alerts the whole soul at its deepest level and contains – simultaneously – pain; anger; immense beauty; and an undeniable, twelve-midnight air declaring plainly TIME IS UP, I HAVE SEEN ENOUGH.

    May Flying Spaghetti Monster help you all… because whatever you call him or however you believe, he is here – and even a now former Atheist could see it. These sounds are to each what to each has been given.

    If it were not the Tao, there would be no laughter.

    Humanity, at last you’re in trouble.


    1. Im am happy to read your post my friend. Ive been a believer 25yrs now and i have to say out of all the opportunities ive had telling my atheist friends about the lasts days Your opinion and thoughts here are What I wished they all would come to realize and finally understand as Truth!
      Go.. Go forth and tell everyone of the coming day when These Sounds will resonate around the world AT THE SAME TIME for ALL to hear and see God come out of the clouds and show Himself in power and Glory and heavenly spectacle Like no one has ever seen

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Wow! This post is amazing! I must share this…I hope you don’t mind! I feel it would help save a few of my atheist friends. Thanks for your testimony!


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