Chemtrails In Our Skies

Chemtrails Truther 150px textInsane Chemtrailing Killing Planet HI-RES 3D slideshow

For all the idiot trolls….just over 15 years ago there were never so called persistent contrails….it is very easy to prove that the material is there… Have you not noticed that jets can no longer be heard flying in the sky? and
That is because the Chemtrails material is blocking the sound…then go to this site and have a look at what the aluminum fall out is doing..
and then

Most people have never noticed the slow gradual change to our skies because they are a bunch of frog in a pot…

Fukushima Apocalypsehuricane katrina

3D Holographic Sky

→ Learn why all the sunsets or sunrises and the whole length of the horizon

is now always full of color and why the skies are no longer deep clear dark

blue on sunny days.

Also why all the foliage is dying and mutating, and bees dying world wide.

Discover why you can no longer hear the jets when flying because of

Chemtrails, HAARP, Project Blue Beam, Nano technology,

Morgellons, Stratospheric Geo-engineering, Planet X, Nibiru, Crop Circles

and anything pertaining to our skies and the environment.

You will be shocked as to what is really happening and why.

The Lunatics are killing this planet with their Chemtrailing

and the people are to dumbed down to want do anything ABOUT IT.

Chemical Skies ~ Violet Sky

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Can you explain this very strange and scary sunset?

Have a close look in the pictures below..

You will see what appears to be a second sun behind the brighter one..

COVER of Explain this sunset_3349AAAThis sure looks like planet X.. Nibiru?

If you click on the photo below you will get to see a photo series from 1999

where you will see true healthy trees before chemtrails started killing our forests.

COVER Oat Hill Lake (fall 1999)The Fukushima Radiation Tree Click to view



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