Letter to Trump – Facts that impact everyone

To extinguish darkness shine your light. Call to action:
Open Letter to President Donald J. Trump:
Shut Down The Chemtrails on January 20th, 2017; make our food, water, air, lives safe and great again.

Letter to Trump – Facts that impact everyone

This extraordinary document contains facts that everyone needs to know, so that healing begins around the world

It was sent via UPS to Donald Trump and his lawyers.

The PDF details findings of Anna von Reitz and Frank O’Collins, provides solutions to drain the swamp, how to deal with companies that cause harm and death, includes the Missing 13th Amendment, outlines what ails America, details the Great Pentagram of Evil, and proves that great harm perpetrated on humans and the environment was masked by lies.

This document is symbolic of end times … the end of deception, fraud, separation, debt slavery, population control, and assault on life. Please share this information far and wide. Thank you!

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Right click this link to download 109mb 250 page pdf file https://matrixfiles.com/Trump-Letter/Letter-Complete_redacted.pdf


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An Open Letter to President Donald Trump

Published on Nov 11, 2016

A video letter that I will be sending to Donald Trump. I will also be tweeting him the link. If you think he should watch the video, please email him or send him the link below through twitter.

MP4 Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pamwg9yv7hz…
WEB LINK NO INTRO: https://youtu.be/kZN4Z84xpp4
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump
EMAIL: djt@trumporg.com



7 thoughts on “Letter to Trump – Facts that impact everyone”

  1. Give a damn that some call American President-elect Donald Trump a bigot or a racist, Trump is proving to be the ultimate savoir of mankind – literally as the straw to the human world that clutches at it as it goes down drowning in numerous catastrophic crises, most probably to the imminent extinction abyss. In the first place, Trump saved the world from an otherwise imminent inevitable WAR with Russia. Like the great patriarch and builder of modernist China, Deng Xiaoping (he was first dubbed by his rivals as a ‘capitalist roader’) famously said that it doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white so long as it catches mice. Read more: Donald Trump: A Straw For The World Drowning In Imminent Extinction Crises: http://www.humanfirst.in/uncategorized/donald-trump-a-straw-for-the-world-drowning-in-imminent-extinction-crises/

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