*~~Anonymous Message: Chemtrails Exposed~~*


Published on Oct 18, 2016

We hope this detailed explanation of chem trails will help us all understand what is being sprayed on us by the elite- To exterminate us like bugs. This is another depopulation tactic. But it serves a multitude of purposes.

If you want it to end. End it. No one is here to save us. We are on our own. We must fight and destroy the elite who mock us and slaughter us. and the planet we live on.

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Much thanks to our Sources hard work and detail. Thank you for spreading the truth.
Sources Used Include YouTube Channels:
FreedomFighterTimes/SoulJaOfGod/U2Bheavenbound Warrior/StopTerrorism/autocollisionman/Harals Kautz Vella/David Icke and many more.

For more exposes:

Anonymous GLOBAL AWAKENING Message 2016

Published on Jul 31, 2016

Anonymous Message 2016 – You have to watch this!
Something big is going to happen!
This is the latest Anonymous message to the global public.

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One thought on “*~~Anonymous Message: Chemtrails Exposed~~*”

  1. Brutal!!! dumping aluminum morgellons disease on us=sickness and death for the tax payer< already this disgusting mess has killed my dog !!!not fuck"n happy ! Hale Hitler ! i have the disease! wake up Trudeau and get your head out of USA ass and stop with the chem trails ! who is the real terrorist !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep Canada clean we love our country ! who controls the past now controls the future ! fuck that we need big changes! who voted LIBERAL anyways ? ha joke

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