Robert Nadler and Dianne Page Mississauga Home Blown Up both died

Deaths tied to their activism in revealing the Chemtrails conspiracy and The Global Reset_2016.07.02_17h49m52s_008_ A Truth Soldier

_2016.04.18_19h59m45ss_004_ A Truth SoldierRobert Nadler_ A Truth Soldier

Robert Nadler, Convicted Murderer, Identified As Man Killed In Ontario Home Explosion

TORONTO — Police say the body of a man who was found Thursday in the debris field of a house explosion west of Toronto is that of convicted murderer Robert Nadler.

Nadler was found guilty in the murder of his best friend and served 10 years in prison in the 1980s, CBC News reports. He was sentenced to life and later released on parole.

Police identified the man on Friday. The Mississauga, Ont., man’s body was the second body found since Tuesday’s blast.

Peel Regional Police said Thursday night the body of a woman found the day of the explosion that damaged other houses in Mississauga has been identified as that of Dianne Page, 55, of Mississauga.

_2016.07.02_17h57m44s_009_ A Truth Soldier_2016.07.02_17h59m10s_010_ A Truth Soldier

Body of man (Robert Nadler) found in debris field of Mississauga, Ont., house explosion identified: police


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