Mysterious Black Goo Substance

Illuminati’s Black Goo Gold Project-Programmable Matter

Published on Nov 8, 2014

Please watch start to finish..Promise it will be worth your time!
This video will finally connect some dots you may be looking for in your search for the Truth! Doesn’t matter if you are a spiritual person or hate religion..YOU need to watch! You will see somethings in this video that will probably shock you! Warning, This is one of the deepest videos I’ve put together ! What I show,I didn’t want to believe ..but the evidence is to overwhelming!
Includes breakdown of Lady Ga Ga Commercial,Christina Aguilera’s Not Myself Tonight,LUCY Movie,scientific Communities
all telling you the samething.
Full PlayList with extra music used by Nicholson1968 at…

Full List:
Amityville Horror – 1979 (Black Goo/Evil Blood)
Creepshow 2 – 1987 (Black Goo/Sentient)
Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland – 1989 (Black Goo)
Ferngully: The Last Rainforest – 1992 (Black Goo/Black Smoke)
Terminator 2: Judgement Day – 1992 (Programmable Matter)
The Fifth Element – 1997 (Black Goo)
Event Horizon – 1997 (Black Goo)
Phantoms – 1998 (Black Goo/Sentient)
Matrix – 1999 (Silver Goo)
Final Fantasy: Advent Children – 2005 (Black Stuff/Alien DNA)
Spiderman 3 – 2007 (Black Goo/Sentient)
The Day the Earth Stood Still – 2008 (Programmable Matter)
Distract 9 – 2009 (Black Goo/Alien DNA)
Jennifer’s Body – 2009 (Black Goo/Evil Blood)
Beyond the Black Rainbow – 2010 (Black Goo)
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – 2011 (Black Goo)

Prometheus – 2012 Black Goo/ Alien DNA)
John Dies at the End – 2012 (Black Goo)
Under the Skin – 2013 (Black Goo)
Lucy – 2014 (Black Goo/Programmable Matter)
Transformers 4 – 2014 (Programmable Matter)
Big Hero 6 – 2014 (Programmable Matter)
Residue – 2015 (Black Stuff/Supernatural)
The Lazarus Effect – 2015 (Black Goo)

Star Trek: Next Generation – S01E23 Skin of Evil – 1988 (Black Goo/Sentient)
X-Files – S03/S05 – 1995/1997 (Black Goo/Sentient/Alien DNA)
Batman Beyond – Inque – 1999/2001 (Black Goo/Programmable Matter)
Spiderman Unlimited – 1999/2001 (Programmable Matter)
Smallville – Brainiac – 2001/2011 (Black Goo/Programmable Matter)
Supernatural – S07/S08 – 2011/2012 (Black Goo/Evil Blood)
Helix – 2014 (Black Goo/Sentient)
The Returned – 2015 (Black Goo/Black Water)

Busta Rhymes feat Janet Jackson – 1998 (Goo/Programmable Matter)
Tech N9ne – Seepage – 2010 (Black Goo)
Christina Aguilara – Bionic – 2010 (Black Goo)
Doda – Bad Girls – 2011 (Black Goo)
Eric Prydz – Tether – 2015 (Black Goo/Programmable Matter)

Honda Hybrid – 2010 (Black Goo/Programmable Matter)
Verizon Wireless – Droid DNA – 2012 (Black Goo/DNA)
Lady Gaga – Fame – 2012 (Black Goo)
Don Perignon – 2014 (Black Goo)
Madonna – MDNA – 2014 (Black Goo)

Kraken Black Spiced Rum – 2014 (Black Goo)

World of Goo – 2008 (Black Goo/Sentient)
The Secret World – 2012 (Black Goo/Sentient)
Gray Goo – 2015 (Black Goo/Sentient)
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – 2015 (Black Goo)

Honorable Mentions:
***The Blob – 1958/1988 (Goo/Sentient)
***The Stuff – 1985 (White Goo/Sentient)
***Night of the Creeps – 1986 (Black Alien Parasites)
***Ghostbusters 2 – 1989 (Pink Goo/Ethereal)
***Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – 1995 (Purple Goo/Mind Control)
***Evolution – 2001 (Alien DNA)
***Cube 2: Hypercube – 2002 (Black Goo)
***Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense: Child’s Play – 1984 (Green Goo)
***Reboot – Nullzilla – 1994/2001 (Programmable Matter)
***Samurai Jack – Aku – 2001/2004 (Black Goo)
***Lost – Smoke Monster – 2004/2010 (Black Smoke)
***Under the Dome – 2013/ (Black Stuff)
***Spongebob: It Came from Goo Lagoon – 2014 (Pink Goo)
– See full interviews found in video and bonus material at:…

The Secrets of Black Goo Revealed

Published on Mar 5, 2016

This video looks at Black Goo and the elites obsession with controlling and reprogramming this substance which mirrors the consciousness of humans and that of alien entities such as the Archons.

BLACK GOO’ is an intelligent nano-tech ‘sentient’ liquid. So is this X-Files or real life ? Is the human race a hybrid species, gene-spliced with a radically different, more advanced alien genome—as hinted at in nearly every ancient tradition here on Earth?

Harald Kautz Vella looks at smart dust, Black Goo and the use of Scalar Physics .

“Black Goo” – LIVING, DEMONIC, Intelligent Liquid Crystals ‘COMMUNICATE’.

Published on May 7, 2016

The Crystals “TALK to each OTHER” – “Black Goo” – LIVING, DEMONIC, Mysterious, Intelligent Substance is a Living Liquid Crystal. Crystals communicate with each other!
Black Goo, A.I.; Transhumanism; Demonic forces; Witchcraft; Black Magic; Referenced in The Holy Bible…is a Luciferic GAME.
Black Goo: World’s Most Mysterious Substance is a Living,
Integillent, Demonic Liquid Crystal, known since Antiquity.

Black Goo : The Worlds Most Mysterious Substance
Genesis 2:12
Liquid Crystal – Wikimedia commons images (Thumbnail image
Tar resin ancient by Joanbanjo (Thumbnail image public domain).,_el_Saler,_Museu_de_Prehist%C3%B2ria_de_Val%C3%A8ncia.JPG

Dyikng Forest Black Goo



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