Conversations With A Truth Soldier in terribly sick and dying forest

I started this video very casually but when I headed across the street to the second lake I had to travel through the forest and was horrified at what I saw..Be sure to watch this whole video. It will leave you horrified and depressed if you care about what is happening to our planet…

note there is another second part to this video that is 19 minutes where I had a very informative and detail conversation with a couple and it has much more footage of the death of this provincial park forest..but youtube will not let me upload it

see full report with more videos
You can learn about why forests are dying here.

See first part..

Horrific dying forest at Sackville Lakes in Nova Scotia Canada

Located near Halifax in Nova Scotia Canada
also see

_2016.04.14_19h59m35s_009_ A Truth Soldier

Time to get serious about the UN depopulation plan. If you wonder why your “gov.” does nothing about the spraying, understand all nations are member states of the UN and do the bidding of the UN. We are under attack by the”gov/corporation”…Fact! Time all Stand, say NO!! and Mean It.

Such important information for our health but not cutesy……..or funny ……..or “positive, happy and life is good” or….. ” look at me, aren’t I pretty” … will not get many views……..unfortunately.


Felix Siam
dystopian nightmare.
you’d think  ozone would be generated instead, it is not as expensive as all the insanity.
I love the talk!

Mr Flat Taxi Rainbow Chemtrails
Shocking views, thanks for reporting

Heart breaking. I see this happening in California also. It amazes me how people don’t notice trees dying or even dried up dead ones!!! This article was very informative and I think the same type of leaves drying up match what is happening on my tomato plants. I am saving the article you provided. Thank you for sharing.

I believe that all those nukes they detonated fried the ozone as well. One thing is certain they are desperate to fix what they fucked up.

+changethecurrent So they are trying to fix their insanity with their that is insanity..
Mark Vaughn
Any ideas on how to fix this devastation?

+Mark Vaughn it is to late.. the aluminum is in everything and it will keep falling to probably until the whole planet dies….

+Raider57 what you say is very true…
I do not make predictions..but the rate a which all foliage is dying, I think the oxygen levels are already lowering.. see how people today seem more agitated.. that would be due to lower levels of oxygen..

Deborah D Colebank
Thank you for making this .  I love YOU

So grateful to frank for sharing your page I friended your channel! thanks for being here Brother Folk!!

Sharon LePere
I and seeing and photographing the same thing here in New Jersey. It looks like a war zone. But I have to tell you , not all young people are oblivious. My son is devastated by the trees dying. He can’t leave the house without getting extremely upset and angry. And he knows why they are dying. I’ve had business cards made up telling why they are dying and put websites on there and I tack them to dead trees everywhere.

+Sharon LePere do you have a website you put your photos on

Ashley Law
+Sharon LePere Not just North America – The trees are dying everywhere – Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand all around globe.

+Sharon LePere Hi Sharon nice to meet you please give your son a big hug for me i raised my daughter to see this stuff its heart breaking she just had a baby and is talking of vaccinating…things are crazy!!

Muffy In Legal
Geoengineering at its finest!  The people are too busy on their phones and making their own lives comfortable to realize that the trees and bees are being decimated.  I really appreciate you making this video.  I completed a video of the Boreal Forest in 2014 which I sent to my MLA MP and Alberta Environment nothing was done.  This is weather modification, solar radiation management, we must take a stand against this corrupt government.

Enkidu Gilgamesh
Trees, specifically conifers are dying because of #geoengineering #SRM blocking sunlight & reducing #photosynthesis!
Learn more about Tropospheric Solar Radiation & Water Management on the same blog!

Jimmy Joe
gotta question for yah when you say radiation now are you talking radiation from the sun or man made radiation isotopes?

+Jimmy Joe The hole in the ozone layer is letting in cosmic radiation..the whole universe is radioactive in outer space from all the suns .. ad to that all the man made nuclear radiation, such as from Fukushima, Chernobyl, 3000 nuke tests… and we have fried this planet thanks to the so called smart and educated humans..

Jimmy Joe
+FolkPhotographer yes it’s sad all a part of plan Nwo thk u

Watch bee dying after landing in flower (Fukushima Radiation?)

The Dead Forest in Herring Cove Nova Scotia (stabilized)

Bees dying in Halifax Nova Scotia

Published on Oct 18, 2012

Most Horrific Sight of Sick Dying Trees in Halifax Since Fukushima Radiation

Published on Sep 3, 2014

WARNING Radioactive Chemtrails Rain Killing All Foliage World Wide

Please Wake Up Plants and Trees Dying Everywhere

Death of old growth forest in Powdermill Nova Scotia

Published on Nov 17, 2015

Sick Dying Trees World Wide

+FolkPhotographer   no photosynthesis   NO LIFE  –  UPSTATE NY   IS   A  DEAD TREE  GRAVE YARD .  &  THE BRAIN DEAD ZOMBIES  SEE NON OF IT .  FRUIT TREES  NO LONGER PRODUCE , IT’S A HORROR  &  NO ONE  SAYS  ANYTHING.  we are doomed     Climate Engineering And Climate Reality
It´s same there (CzechRepublic)…Trees are mass dying from worms and funguses attack of all species and colours….?
+IceDevias   YES    the  climate engineering  chemicals  kill the trees ,,  the high aluminum / alkaline soil  forces  the trees  and planets  to die  a starvation death  which  then leads  to  all the other  illness   but it is the chemtrails  KILLING THEM first .  TREES   the  HARDIEST THINGS  ON THE PLANET  BEING KILLED  EN MASS –   we are all dying the SAME DEATHS   cancer /alzheimers/autism   have all risen  by  80%  in the last  5 years .  we are TOAST .  and the brain dead zombies  see  non of it .  there  is  non so blind  as those who refuse to see .      AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK- THE ENEMY IS WITHIN – WE ARE ALL IN GRAVE DANGER

Geoengineering, A Clear And Present Danger

CLIMATE ENGINEERING – WEATHER MODIFICATION – TREES COVERED IN MOLDS ? ( when i was a tree climbing kid , i didnt have to climb over MOLD ) – leaves are just sproutinig then the FIRST RAIN, they have holes blown in them & are dying from the toxins that are raining down on us .

We are all in grave danger – our soil, water, weather is being engineered ( poisoned ) we are being sprayed via corrupt government/military jets – all anyoone has to do is LOOK UP AT THE SKY ( specially mornings evenings ) and see the jets spraying us en mass

i took these videos myself :

these are NOT figments of my imagination – this is well documented across the planet what is being done to us all – we are all under ATTACK / AGENDA 21 one world government  unless people smarten up  smash their lying TV sets we are all in grave imminent danger from these toxic chemicals , at any time they can spray what ever they want over us, notice certain parts of the country are coming up with all kinds of illness can you guess where those are coming from ? LOOK UP AT THE SKY – CLIMATE ENGINEERING – WEATHER MODIFICATION


we are under ATTACK every single day in every state in the nation via CHEMICAL WARFARE that is being used against the American people , we are being SPRAYED VIA MILITARY JETS every single day right in front of your faces (after all where is the best place to hide something ? RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSES – thats where ) .

if you start looking up at the sky you wil see we are being sprayed 24/7 – the testing has been DONE around the world, this is a GLOCAL project via the CFR ( counsel of foreign relations/ united nations/ trilateral commison ).

If all this is not proof enough for you – DO THE TESTS YOURSELF your soil,water sources ( lakes-rivers …… your HAIR ( test your childrens hair for heavy metals ) test them all – you will find them all LADEN WITH HEAVY METALS – WE ARE BEING SPRAYED  if we dont stop geoengineering NOTHING else will matter , it is destroying the eco system every living thing on the planet .


HERE over ONE THOUSAND Dr.s, Scientists,Pilots and leading experts on GEOENGINEERING  CLIMATE ENIGNEERING met in N.California to discuss the dangers of what is being done to us all PLEASE WATCH in its entirety

HERE is KRISTEN MEGHAN a united states air force BIO CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SPECIALIST telling how she was threatened by the military she had dedicated her entire life to , if she mentioned the word chemtrails or geoengineering again , they threatened to put her in a mental hospital  take her child from her , she is a HERO
Air Force Chemtrail Whistleblower Exposes Geoengineering

NO JETS do NOT spray CONtrails – that is a hoax High Bypass Turbofan Jet Engines, Geoengineering, And The Contrail Lie

f you can SEE a trail coming from a jet/plane is IS CHEMICAL TRAILS 100% OF THE TIME

You are now Breathing Ethylene Dibromide, Virally Mutated Molds, Nano-Particulates of Aluminum and Barium, and Polymer Fibers with Unidentified Bio-Active Material© 2015
+IceDevias   yes  the  insects  are  secondary  to the  trees  already  being  weakened  by the  massive  chemtrail  death?
True story bro, just how you´r saying…?
Joe Morales
Sis and I observed the most massive chemtrailing in Binghamton early today. This means the NYC reservoirs are being mega dosed. Please report sightings to me at !

Let’s take a closer look at compulsory, government protected & unregulated INJECTION TECHNOLOGIES.



& )

– – Oil & gas hydraulic fracturing Ponzi scheme to destroy water supplies (SEE: ).
– – Also, there are @ 500 potential corium injection sites primarily concentrated in US, SE Asia, & Europe that can be activated by detonation of only one strategic EMP device cascading Earth into a Biblical Lake of Fire (SEE: ).

– STRATEGIC ATMOSPHERE INJECTION (SAI)   (‘Operation Ranch Hand’ was initiated by Kennedy as a deforestation weapon in Vietnam. I was a licensed applicator using it in US. SAI is now, & always has been, a BIOCIDE weapon. SEE: ). Uranium reactors have always been bomb making facilities with a hot water happy face. Some SAI components could have been used to make awesome, safe, nuclear energy.  It is sheer insanity to turn our atmosphere into a nuclear reactor. To say SAI weapons technogy is “geoengineering” or “weather modification” is tantamount to saying a nuclear holocaust is “geoengineering” or “weather modification”. Yes, that is a result, but the intent is extermination.

Sincerely, JoeMorales, Ex-Medic USN Aviation Physiology Program, SUNY enviro sci grad 619.886.2421?
Joe Morales
“That’s what I’ve got,” says Sis. Starting with perfectly clear days in Bing NY area there is not one inch of sky not saturated w/ chemtrails by evening. -jm

Let’s take a closer look at compulsory, government protected & unregulated INJECTION TECHNOLOGIES:

– Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI)   (‘Operation Ranch Hand’ was initiated by Kennedy as a deforestation weapon in Vietnam. I was a licensed applicator using it in US. SAI is now, & always has been, a chemical weapon. SEE: )
+Joe Morales   please  watch  this  vid  and  the others  i  will send  you –   they are destroying  every living thing on thee planet ,  upstate  NY  is one of the heaviest   sprayed  places  in the world    GEOENGINEERING  A CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER

Pilots, Doctors and Scientists

Tell the Truth About

Arizona goes off the rails on chemtrails in ADEQ Hearing

+MsNumber1rider      AN Air Force BIO ENVIRONMENTAL   ENGINEER  & NOW HAS BECOME  A Chemtrail Whistleblower Exposes Geoengineering

Agenda 21 EXPLAINED, full

Joe Morales
Sis and I were in Binhamton all day. I noted a persistent “radiation” smell all day that was causing Sis and me to sneeze a lot and we both noted a metallic taste in our mouths. She complains of soreness of throat. I have headache. WE HAD A HARD TIME STAYING CONSCIOUS. Skies from Bing to Oneonta saturated w/ chemtrails the way back from Oneonta. That means the NYC reservoirs are being mega dosed. No media anywhere saying anything about it. Kennedy started the program in Vietnam. Now it’s world wide. The planes are CIA Air America/Evergreen Bush controlled contractors.
Protected By Halliburton Loophole-Like Laws
That Allow Dangerous Chemicals/Corium To be injected into…
– people (vaccines)
– atmosphere (Stratospheric Aerosol Injection: SAI)
– hydraulic fracturing (fracking)
– planetary fracturing (There are @ 500 planetary corium injection sites primarily concentrated in US &
Europe will become activated in the detonation of only one strategic emp device turning the Earth into the Biblical Lake of Fire).
+Joe Morales   upstate NY  is one of the heaviest  spray places  on the PLANET ,i got the hell out of there  before the  shit hits the fan , everyone is gonna FREEZE TO DEATH ,  they will have to go around throwing  frozen bodies  in their  army  dump trucks .  the winters  now  last  8 MONTHS  LONG  uin that  HELL HOLE  OF DARKNESS .   I got the hell out , sold my farm  and   scatted  while i was still alive .  the darkness alone  is enough to kill a person , they NEVER  STOP SPRAYING  THERE .  one day i  videotaped  120  jets  in  8 hours   SPRAYING THE LIVING CRAP  OUT OF US  IN MY  BACK YARD   and the brain dead zombies  notice  NON OF IT .   human stupid is  MIND BOGGLING  .  WE ARE LIVING  IN THE LAND OF THE BRAIN DEAD ZOMBIES   and  that  to me is the most frightening  part of all of this .?

Collapse of The Biosphere – Dying Trees     A walk of four blocks in a small town reveals a pervasive, creeping death… the same scenes are unfolding everywhere on this planet. The trees stand in mute testimony to this global cataclysm that is so quietly occurring. Their barren fingers point accusingly skyward… at their attackers.

As the effects of climate geoengineering via SRM and SAG ravage our planet, our situation becomes more dire with each passing day. Intentionally dispersed aerosols are, in conjunction with pollutants (man caused and otherwise), destroying the natural balance of the biosphere. Ecosystems are collapsing and species are going extinct at a rate not seen since the last great extinction.

Our time on this planet is extremely limited if we do not act… we will not survive to the middle of this century if the climate geoengineering madness is not stopped NOW.    ?
trees  – YOUNG trees in the PRIME  of their lives ( 40 years YOUNG )  ALL DEAD & DYING – as the jets fly over  spraying us relentlessly as the  zombies  all look DOWN  at their  i pads & me myself & I phones, no one  is looking UP  to see the HUNDREDS of jets SPRAYING them or even questioning ( what in the world are they SPRAYING?) & no one  is looking around them to see the MASS DEATHS  taking place , here in the finger lakes region their are more dead trees  then live ones almost now – the brain dead zombies  will not have a planet soon and it will be all their fault for being so stupid
South Canterbury Sky Watch
Great upload MsNumber1rider. Its sickening to see, globally, a hell of a lot fo people, who have eyes open are noticng so many odd events, such as the sickness of trees, not to mention animals and of course Humans.
Here is New Zealand, we too are seeing so many odd events. Just tonight on the Main Stream Media, NEWS, this story….
I would be interested to see what levels of Al, Ba and the rest of it will show up. I bet they dont put that on tv.?
WEATHER  TERRORISM    thank you SCSW,  I try to wake people up every dy ,  it is not easy  and this area  is VERY HEAVILY geoengineered,  we have not seen the sun  since  last September  and the locals  think  nothing is wrong ,  they call it  “overcast” ,  i mean  they  cant  SEE  the HUNDREDS  of jets  flying over spraying  day in and day out  , we are no where near an airport,  the little local aiorports  have no flights of any significance   and  here HUNDREDS   of jets  flying  over head ,  you can count 25 jets in  8 minutes SPRAYING  .  and these brain dead zombies  see non of it . ?
Anthony AK King
I hear you & feel you Sista…
I Love your heart!

Thank you for posting?
thank you Anthony , please share ,we must get more people involved, our plenet is being murdered and quickly now right in front of our eyes .   GeoengineeringWatch Weather Update, September 13th, 2014?
Anthony AK King
I AM with you! :-)?
I had this problem both last year and this year badly. Some trees I didn’t get to soon enough, but you can pull them back and give them a fighting chance with a cheap solution of Baking Soda and water. I used a cup sprayer (used for fertilizing) attachment for our water hose. Screwed the cup on and used this to apply the mixture.

Mixture is 1 cup Soda added to 2 cups of (warm) water. Mix well and add to the cup on your hose, (a concentrated solution) then proceed to soak all your branches that you can reach and the trunk of the tree. We did this about once every month for 3-4 months and the trees took off. Killed the fungus right away and recovered the bark.

On pine trees I’m not sure you can use it on the branches, but I will be using it on the trunks at least as I know they are sensitive.   ?
+MissJack5789    I will  try it   ,  i wish iknew  what a cup sprayer is  but  i will ask  at  the  garden store   .   the  mold is so thick on the trees it  is horrifying?

it attaches to your garden hose end where the water comes out. I think there is only one type sprayer that does. We bought ours at Menards, but they probably have them at Lowes, Home Depot, and your local hardware store too. I don’t recommend using it on your pines though. I’m in michigan and I had to let my pines die.

Its also destroying the aluminum siding on my house more quickly. Fungus and algae. When I can I’m going to bring some people in to verify what type of toxins are effecting the trees.?
+MissJack5789     i got one 2 DAYS AGO and am spraying the trees  with the bakINg soda .  be careful who you bring in  to examine the trees  it would be better  if you scraped  some of the mold  off & sent it to an independant lab ( NOT ASSOCIATED  WITH THE GOVERNMENT ) .  dont tell them ANYTHING   other then  you  scraped this off your  trees &  would like to know  what it is,   a local lab  if possible  .  say as little as possible  (  act  stupid )  ,  the scientists  and the labs  are all  PART OF THIS ENTIRE  PROBLEM ,  even Dane Wigington and the geoengineering  community are having trouble finding  labs  that will tell them the truth  &  of course lowly paid   arborists  etc,,,,

ALL THESE people  have been  paid  (  in grant money , donations  ) etc… to perpetuate  the lies .  i wold love to know  if you  get a sample .  but it is  ABSOLUTELY  BEING SPRAYED  FROM THE SKY .  if  you leave  a bucket  out   of  water ,  leave it out  for a week   (  a white bucket  is best- but any color works   as the bottoom of the buckets  are  COVERED IN MOLD  IN A WEEK  ),  if  it rains  it will be quicker  then that ,  i have been an outdoors woman  all my life  and  have NEVER SEEN MOLD  on the trees  nor  in the bottom  of  horse and dog water pails   unless it was left there for   2 -3-4   months   possibly    it  would  have some mold   after an extended  period of time ,  but  1  week

MEANS  THIS  SHIT  IS COMING FROM THE SKY  WITHOUT  A DOUBT IN MY MIND . hence  the  allergy  community is  OUT OF CONTROL,  MOLDS   ARE DEADLY TO THEM .  and  these molds  grow  all sorts  of  weird  shit  from them,  i have many pictures  of the creeping crud  growing out of the molds ,  we are so f-ing  DOOMED  if  we dont stop these freaks  from spraying  us  . NEVER TOUCH IT  WITH YOUR HANDS,  WEAR GLOVES  ALWAYS .?
MsNumber1,     Glad to hear your trying to save some trees. Be sure you are wearing a mask under those skies, keep your animals under cover for the most part.  Up the D3, Iodine and Vit-C levels because you are in the north. The same for your pets.

If you grow a garden use the ” Garden of Eden” style planting as much as you can. Same with the trees I’m putting them all into wood chip planter boxes this year even if they are 30′ tall.

Your Governor is in charge for what comes in to your state and what goes out it, by  land, air and water. i think he has to sign for your cloud seeding program I would think. Maybe calling him regularly and telling him what they skies appear like would help. Be nice because they won’t listen unless you are. See if they will pay closer attention.

Its all I can think of.?
thanks   for the info ,  and  yes i will start calling the gov.  office  tomorrow .  but  when i was in NY  state    i called  EVERYONE   and  they ALL  pass the buck .  so i dont  expect  them to be any different  here .  deny  and  give  you more numbers  tocall,  they all say  they have nocontrol over the sky  that is  the  feds.  then  they give  you more numbers.  I  have called  the  airports  in  NY  and  been threatened “they now have my number  and  they know where i live”  well i star  67  them  so  they cant  have my number nor  know  where i live ,  these are SOCIOPATHIC  f-ing  freaks  we are dealing with ..   ?
Alot of electrons est. in the Sky as well & one day it’s going to cause an electric charge & who knows whats going to happen also on another note not alot of people are fallowing is Yellowstone super volcano has been swelling alot who knows if thats going to blow soon the end is near there are also 2 Blood moons this yr & next yr 1st blood moon has already happend this yr pass over this yr and next & Oct 8th 2014total lunar eclipse blood moon too sign of end of times people wake up?
yup, the end is near, these sociopathic murdering bastards  are gonna  get what is coming to them,  the ever lasting burn of hell is where they are going : ))))?
the lightning is so much more dangerous now  and of course the fires in the west burn out of control, all due to the heavy metals that  the sky & whole earth are laden with now, all heavy metals are fire excellerants, we are being sprayed with FIRE EXCELLERANTS,the lightning  now is 100 times more deadly as the metals that the atmosphere is filled with  electrically charge everything, i get SHOCKED every time i touch ANYTHING  from my truck to my poor dogs , we all get shocked  every time we touch each other, i want to punch the F out of the pilots, the worst shocks come from touching my truck dammit . these sick F’s  must be stopped  somehow .?
+MsNumber1rider I was Watching a Video on Super Volcanoes because they are saying Yellow Stone keeps swelling & could Erupt I’m guessin in 10 yrs but who knows could be Hundred yrs but anyways I think the same video clip said there is alot of electric particles or something in the Sky or something and can or might make a like Big lighting Strike or something like that I remember video vagle But Have Good Memorial Day interesting tho some of the Trees I been ripping the mold of the trees by hand I hope it helps a little lol.?
This is also happening in the rain forest from Puerto Rico…  Same Fongus on all our tree’s.  Fuck this Government greedy bastarda.  Monsanto,  Bill Gates,  AlGore… ?
Thanks to Government Chemtrails ?
+Angel     our own  military COWARDS  – OATH BREAKING COWARDS  ARE KILLING THEIR OWN CHILDREN  &  OURS  – SICKENING   HERE over ONE THOUSAND Dr.s, Scientists,Pilots and leading experts on GEOENGINEERING & CLIMATE ENIGNEERING met in N.California to discuss the dangers of what is being done to us all PLEASE WATCH in its entirety

HERE is KRISTEN MEGHAN a united states air force BIO CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SPECIALIST telling how she was threatened by the military she had dedicated her entire life to, they threatened to put her in a mental hospital & take her child from her , she is an
Air Force Chemtrail Whistleblower Exposes Geoengineering

NO JETS do NOT spray “CON” trails – that is a hoax High Bypass Turbofan Jet Engines, Geoengineering, And The Contrail Lie

. if you can SEE a trail coming from a jet/plane is IS CHEMICAL TRAILS 100% OF THE TIME .

You are now Breathing Ethylene Dibromide, Virally Mutated Molds, Nano-Particulates of Aluminum and Barium, and Polymer Fibers with Unidentified Bio-Active Material
Adam Eve
This is sad! Sun is so necessary for a healthy life. All the satan worshipers are in the west. Middle East is still sunny thank God,……I think they have some scary plans for the entire state of NY. ?

ChemTrails over my house. (Very Strange)

Published on Dec 27, 2013
I need clarification on the bat fungus-tree fungus being same.  An acquaintance knows all about bats, and he is a caver.  We have shared information on WNS but he never mentioned Chemtrails as the culprit. I am not surprised by this, as he is “scientific.”  However, I do not mind facing his ignorance if he refutes it, but I want some links to email him upfront. Do you have any you can share??
bats are essential to life on earth – 95 NINETY FIVE % of the bat population is now DEAD & now  face EXTINCTION       the mold & fungus is covering everything now, from the ground,buildings,trees and yes the bats are dying from the chemtrails also , everything labled as a “mystery illness”  has to be suspect  as these deadly chemicals ,carcinogens,molds,fungus’s  are raining down on us and murdering everything on the planet at a horrifying  rate now, put out a white bowl or bucket  in the rain, you will need no further proof  then this  when the bottom of the bowl or bucket is lined in green slime  the day after the rain . I have  been an animal caretaker for 44 years and  have NEVER seen mold  in the bottom of my buckets EVER until the last 2 years, every rain  mold everywhere, no photosynthesis only increases this as the sun is blocked 24/7  . 
yup keep up the research you will see how everything is connected, monsanto,GMO’s,bilderburg group/CFR counsel of foreign relations/ new world order IS the CFR, chemtrails, geoengineering of the weather,sandy storm,the japenese tusanami, the oklahoma tornado, ALL man made storms/haarp – ALL connections to the CFR/white house.look up scott stevens/meteorologist/ weather wars.he has lots of info too. geoengineering watch (dot) org  has tons of info too. connections cant be denied if researched?
Smedley Butler Jr.
Thanx.  It’s almost getting old by now.  Sorry about your illnesses as well.  I don’t believe in a hell but sometimes I wish there was one for these murderers and traitors.

I’ve watched the What in the World and Why in the World are they Spraying doc’s.  The Monsanto theory does make sense, but the elite seldom do something with only one goal in mind.  Like, with 9/11, they got the excuse to rape and pillage the Middle East for booty, AND, got the excuse to eviscerate the Bill of Rights.?
breathing  this  shit  in  sure  as hel isnt helping your health , i’l tell you that , i am sick every day   from this bullshit ?
I am SOOOOOO  SAWRY ,  keep fighting  and  yes  these bastards  are  killing us all , these chemtrails cause all kinds of illness’s including cancer and mergellons,stroke,high BP, low BP anxiety,dizziness,i am sick every day from them too,my BP from the high frequencies swings from 185/118  to  96/46  the next day,i will die from this shit,they are HAARPing  us tonight , the pop corn clouds and high frequencies are above , these sick bastards  in our military should go in front of a firing line?
yes  look up monsanto , GMO’s  and agenda 21 .  we are under the new world order & they are slow killing us , they want monsanto to be the only seeds  that will grow in the heavy metal laden soil, all my trees are dieing the soil is HIGH ALKALINE  and slow killing the trees and plants and garden . these are posionous heavy metals, strontium,barium,lithium,aluminum, i have been studying this and documenting  it for a long time, they want us alll DEAD its called genocide m crimes against humanity?
monsanto,GMO,s  want to be trhe only seeds  that will grow in this heavy metal laden soil  amongst the slow killl of humans , this is called genocide  , slow kill  and they are crimes against humanity , blocking the sun from us amonst weather control HAARP , HEAVY flooding rains( cars where floating in wla mart last week , they had to rescue people  with boats. look up AGENDA 21 and the new world order which in control of the US NOW. we are all doomed, eat your GMO’s /poison and  like it. ?
Smedley Butler Jr.
I just found out last week that I have colon cancer (I’ve had cancer twice before).  I don’t know if it’s due to chemtrails, but I’m sure they ain’t helping matters.?
i have been documenting these crimes against humanity for over 9 months  & these no good bastards  are at it again tonight , may they burn in the hottest place in hell , i am sick every day from their poison ?
Smedley Butler Jr.
I’m 54 years old.  Chemtrails did not exist when I was growing up.  It is a new phenomenon, going back almost 20 years.  No one except the bastards who are spraying us know why they are doing it, but there are some plausible theories.  The bottom line is: normal contrails dissipate after a few minutes, while chemtrails linger in the sky for hours and dissipate into disgusting pseudo-cloud formations.  I’m telling you that this is new and it is not normal. ?
The question is: why are these sickos doing this?  Is the danger of solar flares the reason for spraying?  Is it to give Monsanto and the powers behind it a monopoly on food?  Are the elite planning to turn this planet into a slave planet and live on Mars or a satellite – Elysium-style?  The elite billionaires that control the world breathe the air like we do.  Do they have antidotes for the toxins in chemtrails?  It’s still a mystery to me.?
Smedley Butler Jr.
TPTB have been dosing the sky in Buffalo, NY forever it seems.  It was pretty heavy from Jan. to around June and then we started getting these wacky looking clouds very similar to what you show in your video.  The clouds are very low and thick and have a bizarre greyish blue luminescence.  They look almost like Winter storm clouds but not quite.  My buddy and I agreed that this was a new phenomenon.

These mutated clouds have filled the sky for much of the Summer here, even on sunny days.?
Longitudinal Dielectricity
Thank you.Its funny because now the weather is calling for Tstorms and I was able to see he stars for the first time in over a week and a half.I think we need to organize some protests.Everyone who is helping to expose these poisons being sprayed.Get a hazmat suit and occupy.We need to take back the control because it’s obvious our government has been experimenting on us without our consent.And this is legal why?Because they say so?!Kristen Meghan is awesome,exposing it,ex-military and awesome.?
omg   i am sooo sawry ,  things  are  just getting  worse  and worse  and more  scarey –   they are killing  us all .  for support  please  come to facebook  and  come  to   ” chemtrails global sky watch ”   you will find  you are  not alone ,  they are doing this  to all of us   across the world –  it is horrifying ?
thank  you so much ?
Longitudinal Dielectricity
I saw some of the weirdest clouds I have ever seen today. Tornado warnings have been rampant and I saw the sun for about an hour today for the first time in about 2 weeks. My sinuses have been horrible for he last two days and the clouds have been very nasty looking. And surprise! Just got more tornado warnings through the whole central US, again :O(?
Thanks for being a true soldier in the fight for good. YOU RULE?
and  the DUMB DUMBS  EITHER   dotn  see  them  or  they  say  they are the NON EXSISTANT  ‘contrails’ .   LOL    it is FRIGHTENING ?
american idol is on –  get the popcorn  and be quiet  : (((?
thank  you Snake   ?
Please explain to everyone what exactly it was you actually learned there that has any bearing on this situation if your going to be calling folks names, your calling me a chemtard too pal, names aint nice you absolute idiot adolescent  moron without the first clue what reality is probably better at video gaming than anything of any tangible value to society worthless leach on your mommy pathetically misinformed danger to life itself did I mention absolute idiot ? whoever you are, fuck you ?
Yeah just a trip, just like the new comment .. chemtards ??? is that all it takes to kill the planet without resistance??? the fact that someone will be along to call you an elementary school level neener neener name ??????? what a trip, hopi prophesy talks about all of this, incredibly enough the chemtrails in the “end days” as well, I do believe it won’t be too long we will find ourselves in a whole new and real era, peace, try and keep positive and happy it’s the only solution.?
yup ,  the  dumb dumbs  dont even see it ,   it is unbelievable  how  stupid  they are . that is scarier  then the chemtrailing to me . its  like  living  in a world  of zombies ?
Really bad, I’m just amazed how you can’t seem to show most people, same here in Washington state, now that all the bats and most of birds are dead, there is almost unbearable bugs, they really are KILLING the planet right in front of everyone with zero resistance, what the hell ???
yup   ,  it is so sad  Mary , my friend also documents  the trees  and   they are coverded  in  the mold   and  they are dieing  at rapid  rates  – it is horrifying ?
Mary Thompson
Here on the gulf the are killing us and the trees with corexit they sprayed. They are known to put two kinds of fungus in the chemtrails ive seen from some peoples reports. Thanks. I did a tiny video on this with a little thing on magistro.?
Same strange weather in Houston and the weather will be 60’s one day 80’s the next. The sun comes out and the planes begin to blanket the sky. I see same green fungus growing on trees and farmers can’t get enough? sun to grow crops. I wonder how MONSATAN’S (Monsanto’s) crops are doing?? They want to take over all food distribution and Obama just signed a bill that they CAN’T be sued anymore!? They are above the law. See “The world according to Monsanto” PEOPLE, WAKE UP & SMELL THE EVIL..PLEASE?
yup ,  y the time the dopes  wake  up it will be to late – the  chemical cloud cover is so think the last 4 days here in up state NY  the temperatures are dropping back down into the 30’s  – THIS IS  MID MAY –  the sheeple  are so stupid it is INCREDIBLE   to think this is normal ?
Indeed! People tell me not to be so doom and gloom…but warning people of imminent danger is part of caring and they only seem to care about temporary pleasures…but not seeing the long term picture or not wanting to. Ignorance is bliss until you can’t breath!?
we are now in an environmental crisis  i believe  and unless  the dumb dumbs  wake  up  and help us fight this  i think we are all doomed ?
This is more than sad. I’m so sorry. I have been studying this for 3 years and people really do need to wake up. We need to do something! John 3:16-19 and Eph 2:8-9 ?
thank you , i hit the e  every time  ,  lol ?
Chris Satovich
keep up the great work  kiddo  , you are always doing a super job bringing awareness  & documenting the crimes ?
yep jimmy,the 47 percentile is our problem,they are so dumb its frightening, i call them the zombies, horrifying. i sure dont think they are going to ‘come around’ after all they still think the boogie men blew up the towers and massacred babies in sandy hook (the NON EXSISTANT SCHOOL) & now more ‘boogie men’ in boston, amongst many other false flags & man made sever weather. it is all to scarey.In the end of times “lies become truths,truths become lies-rights become wrong,wrongs become rights” ?
yep Kit,  the pattern is well established  for anyone  that  cares to watch for  a while . stay safe  in AZ  and keep up the great work you are doing to bring awareness to the  crimes against humanity , thanks  for the support ?
We need more people waking up. Live in staten island ny and everyday the jets are out in full force spraying,and there see still people telling me oh those are the planes that right in the sky,they say how they watch I’m amazement with there kids and how they love when they criss cross,some people who refuse to wake should go to sleep for good because these are the people that make us out to be crazy and conspiracy theorists.?
We need more people waking up. Live in staten island ny and everyday the jets are out in full force spraying,and there see still people telling me oh those are the planes that right in the sky,they say how they watch I’m amazement with there kids and how they love when they criss cross,some people who refuse to wake should go to sleep for good because these are the people that make us out to be crazy and conspiracy theorists.?
Great video! i got your message but i can’t reply right now because i sent too many group messages 🙂 but i re-uploaded the video! Should be working now.
Keep up the great work!?
I too, have started documenting our daily weather here in AZ.   Your pattern sounds exactly like ours.  spray into oblivion, whiteout, sun comes out, planes are up again, trails to white…over and over.    stay safe, and keep on getting that evidence!  *thumbs up*?


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