The Death of The Trees commentary by Hollow Reed

Hollow Reed
Today I witnessed a very sad sight in nature.

It is springtime. March.

This is the most temperate time of the year, and generally around this time there are robins and wild canaries in my area in abundance in the years past.

But as the years have progressed, I’ve noticed there are less and less each year.

This year I noticed one baby robin on my fence.

It was a heartbreaking sight.

It appeared to be quite sad in its demeanor.

The trees have all been invaded and arrested by moss and growth, and have what appears to be cancerous tumors, the bark is coming off, and black liquid oozes death from them.

This is not just particular to your town it is an occurrence that is happening all over the world.

A couple of years ago, I had a tree in my back yard die. It did not live a full life.

This is not a natural occurrence, it is definitely geoengineering.

The agenda of eugenics have gone way beyond just the Genetically Modified Organisms in our food.

A certain faction of people have created GNA to replace the DNA and RNA of nature itself.

This is done for control of nature, making it a conductor for computer reciprocity .

Man has transgressed his boundaries of moderation and left caution to the rear of wisdom.

Without a precedent or stable blueprint for the future, some have embarked upon a journey that imperils not just humanity, but the topical geography of the globe and the life that it supports, ignorant and negligent of the outcome to the beings that inhabit this terrestrial sphere, or the consequences that it entails.

A world without a soul. A world without trees is like a body without lungs. Sure, you can wear a respirator and survive, but you’ll never swim in the ocean or know the exhilaration of climbing a mountain.

Or the sweet song of the inhabitants of natural trees.

Thank you for posting this, soon, the world will no longer be able to ignore the death of their planet’s breathing apparatus – a.k.a.

The death of the trees.

All will know.?

This commentary was posted on this video.
Today I witnessed a very sad sight in nature


2 thoughts on “The Death of The Trees commentary by Hollow Reed”

  1. Aluminum is a key toxin in chemtrail – – high altitude spraying of toxins to modify the weather.
    Do a search – – – – for “aluminum neurotoxin” and get 232 citations.
    Aluminum is toxic to trees; they shut down water uptake if aluminum is in the water – – – making trees more susceptible to beetles, and (because of the dehydration) increase wildfire risks.

    For an overview of global warming, and the VooDoo pseudoscience underlying the blunders:
    Global Warming – the science, EXTREME urgency to take countermeasures, and associated blunders – are very basic and easily explained.

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  2. It is not for myself that I grieve it is for my children and my grandchildren. I will not go quitely into this goodnight. It s appalling that so many fellow humans know about geoengineeriñg the killing of our world but do nothing. Ii feel sure however, they will find their voice when food will no longer grow. On Mar 6, 2016 10:13 AM, “Chemtrails In Our Skies” wrote:

    > Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier posted: “Hollow Reed > > Today I witnessed a very sad sight in nature. It i” >

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