Dying Planet! Get Ready! Beware of Deceivers!

Dying Planet_001_ A Truth SoldierDying Planet_002_ A Truth SoldierFUKUSHIMA: Oceans Of The Dead (WHAT YOU ARN’T BEING TOLD)

Dying Planet_004_ A Truth SoldierDying Planet_005_ A Truth SoldierDying Planet_006_ A Truth SoldierDying Planet_007_ A Truth SoldierDying Planet_008_ A Truth SoldierDying Planet_009_ A Truth SoldierDying Planet_010_ A Truth Soldier

Published on Aug 13, 2014

Reposted…. toned down…. still a counterstrike.
People…. you have got to start using your brain. To get sucked in and drink the Coolaid will have consequences for you and your family…. this is serious stuff…. so as not to be afraid…. be prepared and the rest is up to higher power…. but you have to seek the truth and you have to act. Otherwise there is but one fate.


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