Horrific dying forest at Sackville Lakes in Nova Scotia Canada

Be sure to go to this link for the complete report and videos. http://thevisionaryfolkphotographer.com/2015/12/14/horrific-dying-forest-at-sackville-lakes-in-nova-scotia-canada/

I started this video very casually but when I headed across the street to the second lake I had to travel through the forest and was horrified at what i saw..Be sure to watch this whole video. It will leave you horrified and depressed if you care about what is happening to out planet…

note there is another second part to this video that is 19 minutes where I had a very informative and detail conversation with a couple and it has much more footage of the death of this provincial park forest..but youtube will not let me upload itdying forest_001_ A Truth Soldier
see photos

You can learn about why forests are dying here.




Don’t know about or Believe in Chemtrails? (Don’t miss this one)

Published on Feb 14, 2014

Kirsten Meghan is a brave woman, Her inside story is indisputable.

Chemtrail Pilot Speaks Out about Secret Program “Indigo Skyfold”

I uploaded this video inorder for all of you to realize just how real this is. This is no longer about saving our environment but destroying it. This is Inhumane because non-humans are instigating it. Protect you and your loved ones as best you can by first being informed and aware, then taking the appropriate measures in an effort to maintain the health and well being of your families. Things are escalating,

Geoengineering Watch

Kristen Meghan YouTube Channel

Horrific dying forest at Sackville Lakes in Nova Scotia Canada Mirror FolkPhotograher

Published on Dec 17, 2015

UFOBuff 417
Who or what are these beings running this world i don’t get it are they even human really people its that easy for them to KILL!!what are these sick fucks doing to us we are such ignorant asses to just sit and let this happen why?WHY????
+UFOBuff 417 I think many are not human but don’t want to go there, many are psychos who don’t care about themselves or humanity. I try to keep it simple because sheep cannot understand the fact trees are dying. Doesn’t seem to register in there brainwashed minds.

UFOBuff 417
Ill go there who cares if it don’t sound believable whats there to believe anyway all the lies we are conditioned to believe TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION!!!PEACE

+UFOBuff 417 They tell us the truth in movies so ppl won’t believe it in reality. It works so well

UFOBuff 417
LOL yes it does but some of us CANT be fooled you know what i mean!!

+UFOBuff 417 The problem is too few us cannot be fooled and too many dumb fuckers don’t care or are afraid of saying a word against their wonderful gov that is financing our death with our fucking money. I cannot stand fucking coward sheep they are more dangerous than the fuckers pulling the strings

UFOBuff 417
I had some weird shit happen when i was real young and id like to share some of this with you sometime if we can have a personal chat

+UFOBuff 417 Sure bro franknosella@gmail.com

Sad 😤Mad 😬



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