BEST COMMENT; No news reporter from main will touch this!

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Halifax NS Sick & Dying Trees Everywhere Sept 24 2012

No news reporter from main will touch this!

They have been instructed not to go there! It is just like this man says in his video:(who is the news reporter)

They are killing the planet! by design! All the big giant pharmaceuticals, Chemical corps. and big Central Bankers of the world are following the elite money power!

The military are following orders of superiors and those superiors are traitors selling out for MONEY that isn’t even worth anything!

They are all traitors to the human race and everything decent! PERIOD!

LOOK what they are doing?

You tell me who? Who in their right minds would spray poisons into the atmosphere and be unconcerned with the lives of 3 million species of plants,people,animals, sealife and an entire atmoshpere!

There is a documentary called “What In The World Are They Spraying?” and Geoengineering and the Collapse Of Earth-by Dane Wigington.

People better wake up FAST and band together while we still can because our country has been under planned corporate takeover!

We are now in the grip of fascism! As the aluminum keeps building up in the soil there will be less and less life! We are frogs boiling in water!

The gov. has a goal of owning the weather by 2025!

They just TOOK the planet and all life in their hands like it was given to them to play with! We will be TOTALLY UNDER THEIR GRIPS as the GMO crops do not produce seed or are capable of sustaining healthy life!

They want it ALL!

They want to control weather, populations,everything that moves by THEM being the creators.

Those science fiction shows and movies of old were trying to warn us. Rod Serling had it right!

Remember the movie SILENT RUNNING in 1972? Know that THIS is where these psycho’s want to take the human race!

The oceans are dying as well! And what are people doing? Walking around ALLOWING IT!

Every time I try to have a serious talk with someone about this I get the same responses.

They start with the conspiracy theory bull and get on their cell phones and start calling someone! I have been giving out flyers and documentaries for years now!

They act as if this is MY personal problem! I am so beside myself !They have no idea of the choice they are making by being so ignorant and uninformed with a false pride and trust in those “entities” that have stolen the wheel of this nation and world .

Robbing them BLIND! I spent time trying to convince a DOCTOR that this was going on! Maybe 3 out of 20 people will respond or realize it themselves and out of those three ,lucky if one took some time to research it!

We are in the most diabolical situation and the most dangerous of times when this kind of technology can be used for such a purposes and people can be so asleep while the enemy is stealing by killing the very earth that sustains them!!

I totally feel you bewiseasowls!

I have researched this since 1999. People wont wake up and they wont even remember we tried to warn them. It is almost impossible to grow a garden any more. Stuff just will not grow!!!!! And I have been a gardener for 50 years.

I have not heard anyone talking about how people are not getting any yields from their gardens.

I am a veteran gardener of 40yrs and for last 6 years I have had sick, and mutant looking plants. Not due to lack of water, or pests, or soil content.

When have you ever heard of people NOT getting Zucchini???? Please try to get some news reporter to do a story on this?


4 thoughts on “BEST COMMENT; No news reporter from main will touch this!”

  1. it seems like my link has a problem, maybe just google

    Huberts best, then click one of the hubert writes links to get on my site.


  2. Hello your singing my song, I new I could find more people exposing chemtrails I just looked up two years ago 2013 around seeing jets spraying crap that wasn’t condensation and every one knows Mother Nature makes clouds not jets. So they TPTB try to rewrite history and so on history repeats itself, people need to be informed to what they can handle its like world wide abuses. The crime in the sky is we don’t get to live up to our divine right to “live long and proper” peace and love
    see in in cow town April 25th 2015 queen park 2pm

    This is for my grand children ❤


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