Chemtrails The facts

I am posting this great video from 2010 because it is great and in perticular there are many excellent comments I will include here.

Uploaded on Apr 15, 2010

The chemtrail conspiracy holds that some contrails are actually chemicals or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for a purpose undisclosed to the general public.

In this presentation we will try to give 4 possible explanations for this phenomena.

some of the videos that are used in this clip are from the following YouTube channels:

British Chemtrails Documentary:
chemtrail chaff (v2):
Chemtrails weatherman:
NASA Appleman Chart – PROOF of Chemtrails:
History Channel_ The Truth About Chemtrails And HAARP Technology:



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For all the idiot trolls….just over 15 years ago there were never so called persistent contrails….it is very easy to prove that the material is there… Have you not noticed that jets can no longer be heard flying in the sky? and

That is because the Chemtrails material is blocking the sound…then go to this site and have a look at what the aluminum fall out is doing..
and then
http://ChemtrailsInourSkies.wordpress.comMost people have never noticed the slow gradual change to our skies because they are a bunch of frog in a pot..


you need to ask and talk to old people and learn that chemtrails are not contrails..there was NO chemtrails 30 years ago…ever.
to be serious with you I asked old people about chemtrails and one couple told me they said you are such a poor generation living with those governments they know that chemtrails exist and said the aluminium air came into their kichen and they coughed like shit then they called the government and said it is normal
 Robert Adams
+Laurie Graham
No evidence or proof whatsoever….. The guy above asserts that there were no trails 30 years ago but a brief google search brings up many pictures of just that. Every single claim for the existence of chemtrails can and have been debunked.
+Laurie Graham
Because I am almost 60 years old..I have been a nature photographer for over 20 years..and because I am not dumb, blind, stupid, ignorant, or closed minded…
+Robert Adams
so you trust the CIA owned google…
Robert Adams
Well, whether that is true or not I don’t know but there are many photos of contrails from many years ago. I hope you are not suggesting that they have all been doctored or manufactured by the CIA? By the way, I am 50 years old, I have been taking photos of airplanes for 16 years, I worked on the ramp of a major airport for 20 years. So when you guys say “look up”, believe you me, I have been looking up for a long time and I see contrails. I have now moved to a quiet small town on the southern tip of Africa and I might see one contrail a month. The reason for this is A) I don’t live under a busy airway and B) the climate here is not often conducive to the formation of contrails.
hey I use magnesium malate as a detox from the heavy metals we inhale which are a side effect from the chems. Only costs pennies a day. If you check out the rates of dementia and diseases like alzheimers over the past 40 years or so the ratio change is alarming to say the least and alumium is a known cause for dementia. One fact I find very disturbing is that these rates have only increased over NATO countries.
Sgt. Rock

 +GreaterThanADeer  “at 30-40 % humidity a contrail would last about 10 seconds to 1 minute”
Ok, so what if the humidity is 80-90% ?  How long would that contrail last then?  Would it last as long as the clouds are at that altitude?  Clouds are made of the same thing as contrails, you know, water vapor, and they don’t disappear in a few seconds.
+Sgt. Rock  Clouds are not made of nano aluminum particulates and then there is barium etc etc..what you see coming out of Chemtrail tankers is not is a dry nano particulates..

 +ggregd it is working as people like you dont even believe theirown eyes,  contrails only occur at -70 under and 70% humidity,  wake up you tool
great,  can you please tell me why 2 aircraft, flying in the same airspace at same altitude that one leaves a mile long trail and the other doesn’t. Could you also tell me why aircraft are flying on non standard commercial aviation paths please and why would any aircraft zig zag in the sky? also why does david keith exist ? why does he head conferences with hundreds of scientists discussing solar radiation management and its effects so far? thanks.
Sgt. Rock

 +dgwilym 100% proof that chemtrails exist?  100% proof that the government is killing everyone on earth?  And the government just lets you post that, and doesn’t bother taking it down?  They just leave it up to incriminate them and potentially cause an uproar?   If the government leaves it up, then that is 100% proof that it’s just a bunch of BS.
+Sgt. Rock
you are the bullshit..they leave up and send out the trolls…
Robert Adams
+Laurie Graham
No evidence or proof whatsoever….. The guy above asserts that there were no trails 30 years ago but a brief google search brings up many pictures of just that. Every single claim for the existence of chemtrails can and have been debunked.


I fill the ChemTrail tanks on our planes at work, I’m a Crew Chief but my title should be ChemTrail Tank Filler.
Sgt. Rock
Cool, I’m the one who delivers you the ChemTrail Tank Mix.  I’m just a trucker but my title should be ChemTrail Tank Mix Deliverer.
i believe you guys are telling the truth,,  but think about it,,  they’re killing the land and its sustainability of your children and their futures, and u are proud to be the guy filling tanks,, or delivering the chemicals?  wtf?  you should be ,ashamed..  move,,
 you should then enjoy this video. Chemtrail tanker of doom 
well if that is the case then i gotta say them “contrails”  seem to do a good job of blocking out the sun around where i live,  we lose one out of three days to intense spraying..  and tell me this..  why someday is there over a hundred flights over this area and other day there are hardly any?  there spraying for sure pal,,  and i know the way i feel as a result of it..

John Kari

Nothing this bad existed in the 70s, 80s, and most of the 90s. Back then there were ONLY contrails that last 10 seconds to a minute, never longer than one’s hand held at arm’s length, and this was in all types of weather. New England region WAS NEVER like it  is now.
Yup. I agree. I live in Cambridge MA and have files tons of geo-engineering aerosol spraying (chemtrails). Some students at MIT even talk about it.
+Kman31ca Nope no lying, it didn’t use to be like this. Now trails spread until a milky overcast is formed. It’s rather obvious to anyone who has common sense.
+orange70383 Well then use your common sense and get into the REAL science. You’ll find that CONTRAILS have been doing this for a century now… It’s really basic science ffs….
 +Kman31ca You moron! why the pilots  off this planes are driving around  in circles spraying this stuff in the air ??? a comercial flight go always  in one direction !!!  Its because zombies like you,only caring about football and tv  ,the world are in this state !

D Whaley

I would just like to send a thank you to the USAF for NOT clouding up my sky today, March 30,2014, lower Michigan. Wasn’t a cloud to be seen , natural or manmade. Managed to get my first sunburn of the year. Interestingly enough I also saw several dozen commercial flights, and yeah, they didn’t leave a “residue” in the sky. So here here, USAF , job well done. Now go punch yourself in the face.

Sabrina Antunes

OK, i do see the point from both believers and non believers. the things that does grab my curiosity and gets me leaning more towards yes chemtrails, is as a kid contrails always did happen high up in the sky, they did not stay up there all day, there were never dozens of contrails in one cluster, and the odd bumpy thick form that these are strange as well, versus the thin straight contrails that i saw as a kid. I remember the contrails disappearing after 20 minutes or so. they never stayed in the sky for several hours. I’m not claiming what the purpose of the chemtrails are, just simply that they are different from the contrails i seen growing up.

Chef Derek Butt

They are turning the air into plasma. Why? Because we are entering a sensor driven world.

Steven Stewart

Check out these patents from a legit website for US patents not some conspiracy website.

VTRPE (Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation)  a known program that sprays a substance in the air for both communication and pilot training for enemy radar.

US 3,813,875 Jun 4 1974

Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere
US 4,686,605  August 11 1987

Real Reason For Chemtrails !! Shocking !! Part 1

Uploaded on Mar 6, 2011

This is the reason for chemtrails! Be ready for PART 2 soon, I will expose MORE!


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