Fukushima Mutant Beast HI-RES 3D slide show

Fukushima Mutant Beast

Fukushima Mutant Beast HI-RES 3D slide show

Soundtrack: “Fukushima Mutant beast” created by Daniel J Towsey

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WAKE UP Bio-Geo-Engineering is killing our planet.


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FUKUSHIMA Daichi Spring Water

fukushima still out of control March-2014


The Horrible Truth About Fukushima — Helen Caldicott, MD


Published on Feb 9, 2014

Author and Pediatrician Helen Caldicott takes time out of her busy schedule to join me to discuss the unfolding events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station in Japan. Fukushima was devastated by a massive earthquake on March 11, 2011 which led directly to a massive failure causing hydrogen explosions which blew the roof off of at least two of the reactor buildings. Tepco and the Japanese government have understated the radiation dangers and the dire reality of the situation from day one.

Helen says, at this point there is no “best case scenario” for Fukushima, just worsening degrees of horror because it’s scientifically impossible to clean up what has already occurred. And with thousands of spent fuel rods and thousands more active rods still in the fuel pools of the damaged reactor buildings, the worst case scenario – if another major earthquake hits the area – is an ecological nightmare of biblical proportions for everyone living in the Northern hemisphere.

Helen’s site:

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Published on Mar 7, 2014

Researcher and You Tuber Hatrick Penry joins us to discuss what he calls the world’s largest provable coverup – Fukushima Plumegate. Hatrick has assembled more than 445 pages of government and regulatory documents through FOIA which show the frightening realities of the Fukushima Diachi nuclear disaster in the days, weeks and months following the devastating March 11, 2011 Tsunami and resulting hydrogen explosions which devastated Daiichi Units 3 and 4. There is much more to the official story than meets the eye, including documentation which suggests a ‘Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Drill” was taking place on the same day and place, on March 11, 2011. Please share this one with those you love.

The Original 445 Page Plumegate PDF:
Plumegate Abstract:

Hatrick’s You Tube Channel:

Hatrick’s site:

For REAL News & Information:

Music: “The Complex” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0” http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

The content in my videos and on the SGTbull07 channel are provided for informational purposes only. Use the information found in my videos as a starting point for conducting your own research and conduct your own due diligence (DD) BEFORE making any significant investing decisions. SGTbull07 assumes all information to be truthful and reliable; however, I cannot and do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of this information. Thank you.

The China Syndrome (1979) Trailer


    FUKUSHIMA – What the Media & Governments are not telling YOU – Anonymous


    Wading Through The Waters Of Fukushima Daiichi


    Published on Feb 10, 2014



    The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan remains to this day as the single most deadly threat to face the world with the potential for radiation poisoning. Dan Dicks of Press For Truth delves deep into the issues regarding the Fukushima disaster to better understand the implications of this catastrophe while at the same time separating the facts from fiction. Joining Dan via Skype and reporting from Japan is James Corbett of The Corbett Report.
    To learn more about Fukushima from James Corbett visit:

    Fukushima breaking news;TEPCO SHAMEFUL, the NEW YORK TIMES SHAMEFUL kevin D. Blanch 3/22/14


    Published on Mar 22, 2014

    Wednesday, March 12, 2014

    (Before It’s News)



    Published on Mar 3, 2014

    Voice of Russia interviewed Joseph Mangano. He’s an epidemiologist. He heads the Radiation and Public Health Project.

    It’s a research organization involved in “understanding the relationships between low-level nuclear radiation and public health.”

    It studies links between low-level radiation and worldwide increases in diseases. It especially focuses on cancer and effects on newborns and children. It promotes public awareness of the grave dangers.

    Children born after 2010 face a 26% greater risk of cancer and birth defects, said Mangano. Official US policy is coverup, denial or silence. 

    Food and water safety are fundamental. America is at risk. “We just published a study in the Open Journal of Pediatrics,” said Mangano. 

    “We looked at official two types of data: one was the EPA statistics on how much radiation was in the air in the weeks and months after Fukushima (it was much higher in the West Coast than in the rest of the country) and number two – we looked at the state of California’s official statistics on newborns who are born with a condition called hypothyroidism which is where the thyroid is under-active.” 

    “It is something that is known to be affected by exposure to radioactive iodine which is only created in atomic bombs which haven’t been exploded for years and nuclear reactor emissions.”

    Fukushima caused enormous harm to human health. It’s effects will be felt for many hears. It spread across the Pacific to America. Contaminated air and water reaches that far and beyond.

    “Studies almost three years ago found that the plume of radiation that escaped from Fukushima arrived on the West Coast of the US just five days after the initial meltdown,” said Mangano. 

    “It doesn’t take long. Once these radioactive particles in gases get in the air, it moves along with prevailing winds and keeps traveling until it returns to the environment through rain and snow.”

    “It circled the entire Northern hemisphere but it got to the West Coast within five days and came into the environment in greater amounts on West Coast and elsewhere in the country.”

    Mangano’s study aims to relate increased cases of hypothyroidism in children with Fukushima’s fallout.

    “We are just now starting to get our hands on recent data from 2011,” said Mangano. 

    “It means that we start by looking at the fetus and the newborn because they are the most susceptible to radiation.” 

    “And we are going to be looking at not just hypothyroidism but at further birth effects.” 

    “Infant deaths” are examined. “Babies were born underweight. “Babies were born prematurely. Things of that nature (are being studied) to see before and after Fukushima if there was a difference.” 

    It’ll “take decades to know what the full casualty list of Fukushima.” It takes years for cancer to emerge.”

    Fukushima’s disaster assures more children will face cancer, other diseases and birth defects.

    A 2012 survey of 200,000 Japanese children showed 56% of them under age 18 have precancerous legions. It’s unprecedented. It should have been almost none, Mangano said.

    “It’s an ongoing study by Fukushima Medical University,” he added. “They also found as many as 59 kids had thyroid cancer and that’s a condition that’s very rare in kids.” 

    “We would expect in three years maybe one or two. They confirmed 26 and they suspect another 33.” 

    “So, this is just the beginning. As a research community we really need to look at this terrible meltdown seriously and do all the studies on the continuing basis.”

    In 1973, Harvey Wasserman helped coin the phrase “No Nukes.” He was involved in founding a global anti-nuclear power grassroots movement.

    He and Norman Solomon co-authored “Killing Our Own: The Disaster of America’s Experience with Atomic Energy.”

    He campaigns for a green-powered world. Part of Fukushima’s problem is we know too little, he said.

    At the same time, what’s known is “terrifying.” We’ve never had “three simultaneous meltdowns and four explosions at a single reactor.”

    America has two dozen facilities “virtually identical to Fukushima.”


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