Chemtrails Are Not Geoengineering


Below is a short documentary on the topic. I will adding more information to this topic soon.








Comment by Daniel J Towsey:

The Conspiracy of Insanity

In this documentary, they say that global warming is caused by chemtrails. But in reality it is now know that the earth is cooling as the layer of Chemtrails is blocking of 20 percent of the suns rays from reaching earth.

Another note I would like to make now is that the Arctic is melting due to the pollution run off from the Alberta tar sand. As these pollutants are actually absorbing heat from the sun and the layer of oil residue on the surface of the ocean are trapping in heat. Rivers in then north of Alberta run north.

One thing is for sure. This mini documentary makes it clear that Chemtrails is no geo-engineering.

Some other thoughts about why they are Chemtrailing, (1) to protect us from cosmic radiation due to the ozone layer diminishing. (2) To hide planet X Nibiru, (3) To create a layer of metallic material to facilitate the use of H.A.A.R.P. technologies.

Such as weather control, warfare,  or project Bluebeam that can project any 3d moving or still imagery such as UFO’s or even whole cities.

No mater why they are Chemtrailing. The answer is that it is complete insanity, because I know for sure that chem-trailing is very quickly killing this planet.



Chemtrails are not Geoengineering! Here is a tool for activists!

Published on Feb 25, 2013



Please learn about the U.N.’s Agenda 21 and world depopulation.


CHEMTRAILS are not the same as GEOENGINEERING and hopefully we can remain united in order to stop the pollution of our skies!

Disinformation has taught millions to believe the lie.
Regardless, we will show you the proof step by step, in hopes that you will come to understand the GLOBAL WARMING / GEOENGINEERING SCAM a LIE, that is being sold worldwide without PUBLIC CONSENT because YOU THE PUBLIC never OBJECTED to it in the first place. This is there rational. DEFAULT JUDGEMENT goes to the Corporations and Law makers who are literally getting away with MURDER.

Please refer to this article for SOURCES :

CREDITS of for sound bites of Royalty Free Speeches:Excerpts from Speeches include:
Kennedy “What we Need”
John Lennon “More Popular than Christ”
1949-04-04 Historic Creation of NATO
Edward R. Murrow in response to McCarthy on SEE IT NOW

Music Credits:
Song TRUTH TELLER by Jeff Saxon
Songs by Jeff Saxon to contact Jeff : at

Royalty Music provided by Kevin MacLeod of
Songs written, played and arranged by Kevin are : “Storm Front”, “And Upsetting Theme”, “Descisions” & “Political Ad”.

What does Bill Gates, Monsanto, S510, Xe, BP oil spill, chemtrails and vaccines have in common? V2!

Uploaded on Aug 19, 2011

Here’s the patent links…
Patent 3899144 (Powder Contrail Generation):
Patent 5003186 (Welsbach Seeding):
Patent 7582809 (Aluminum Resistant Seeds):
( Just a note…for those who want the song, it is Constellation by the Firmament Band)

If you disagree or choose to dislike this video, please don’t be a COWARD and run off without giving us a reason or a chance to educate you properly. I REALLY want to know the reasoning and thoughts of a person that would defend such evil actions.

The other things in the video you can just search for on a search engine. The reason I did not provide those links is simply because I WANT people to just OBSERVE how much information is out there concerning everything I put in this video. Just type in company names, people’s names, court cases involving MONSANTO. NAZI involvement of these companies in WARS and depopulation. Another reason you SHOULD DO THIS is because YOU might stumble across some information I did not see. I want people to come back and share that with others OR take it and make your own videos and such about it. We are ALL in this together and we ALL must work in conjunction, just as these companies do against US, to EXPOSE these people. 

People do not realize just how bizarre of a world we are living in right now and to the extent at which those in power will go to retain it. This video is a representation of just a FEW things I researched and wanted to share. 

There’s much more to this. The ties to Bush, Rumsfeld, GD Searle, IG Farben, Hitler…it just goes on and on. If anyone would like be to even further expand on this information, leave it in a comment. Monsanto will never admit but THEY WERE directly connected with the company in Hungary that spilled the red fluoride sludge that killed 100 people and infested the Danube. 

So much to say…I just don’t want to throw TOO much at people at a time and I like to leave the door open for personal research. PLEASE look this information up… but be warned, if you do not believe this is happening, you will be in for a disappointment and you will be grieving your former opinion because it will be dead and your new one will help set us free.


2 thoughts on “Chemtrails Are Not Geoengineering”

  1. I love your site – it really connects the dots. The first video ” Chemtrails are not Geoengineering” makes a point not clear on other sites. It’s hard to understand it all without seeing how everyone invested in these covert activities and the multinational companies are related in the scheme. I would like to advise that you recheck the spelling in the above. In the paragraph starting with “In this documentary..”, the “n” is left out in the word “known”. In the paragraph that begins “No mater why..” “Matter lacks another “t”. I want people to learn from your site, but the naysayers look for petty Etta like this to invalidated the information. Lastly can I ask you how long it took you to compile this info and do you have any suggestions as to how we all can combat this and who might lead the charge as far as officials go? There are other informative sites like “geoengineering”. Are you connected at all with them or any other sites on chemtrails? I called my state DHEC (Dept of Health & Environment Control) and asked to speak to someone in air quality the other day. As soon as he heard me ask about “chemtrails”, he said they were a conspiracy. I kept trying to impart the knowledge Ive learned so far but he eventually hung up on me and wouldn’t pick up the phone again when I called back. I appreciate all the time you took to enlighten others about this overwhelming issue.


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