Here is why global warming and carbon tax are

Here is why global warming and carbon tax are

Radioactive Rain_4260AAA

written by A Truth Soldier


I am a photographer and videographer, and as such I am more observant of the environment then some.


Over the past two years I have documented the destruction of all trees and plants.

I have done numerous posts with videos and high resolution close ups of all the damaged trees and foliage.

 Sick Trees Halifax Public Gardens

I have done videos showing bees dying on flowers up close.

 Dead Dying Bees Halifax Public Gardens

To people living in huge concrete cities it definitely is getting hotter.


Why the New World Order criminals are talking so much about carbon tax and reducing carbon foot prints.


Those of you who have followed my highly detailed videos and photos of the situation of our environment and have studied all the Chemtrails articles on my sebsite.


You well be able to more easily understand what I am saying.

Most people can not see the trees for the skies.

Can not see the sick and dying leaves for the trees.


Can not see the change of the skies for the chemtrails planes.


Can not see anything that has been slowly happening.

If people were to look up at the trees, they would see very thin tree canopies.


Very small and sick mutated leaves.

The thin and sparse number of leaves on trees is causing the air a ground level to get much hotter.

The trees are dying world wide.


The trees bark is now getting covered in a strange light greenish material.


But yet the people can not see the bark for the trees.

With very unhealthy forests the trees are no longer converting carbon to oxygen.

The trees are no longer offering cooling shade.

But if you leave the high density cities and go to the country, you will discover that in deed the sun is now much weaker due to the thick layer of chemtrails materials blocking the sun.

The sun’s intensity is now reduced by 25%.


The whole planet is dying, the trees, the plants, the bees, the birds, and everything else that was once naturally healthy.

The stratospheric aerosol Geo-engineering is destroying the planet.


The fluoride, the genetically modified organisms mutating all life on this planet, the Fukushima radiation, the radiation from depleted uranium munitions , the oil and corexit in the gulf of Mexico.

The destruction of all the rain forests. All the oceans dying.

All the emissions of the huge container freighters crossing the oceans.

14 of those huge container freighters emits the same amount of polluting emissions as all of the automobiles on this planet emissions combined.

The insane corporate criminals are killing this planet.

And the zombies are letting the insane do it.

The corporately insane are killing all the zombies with their United Nations Agenda 21 Codex Alimentarious world depopulation eugenics program.



Truthers always sound insane.

When they are telling you what the insane are doing.














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