9-11 Twin Towers – Chemtrails Holocaust = US Patent No. 4686605 A

Dee Nicholson

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Subject: Fw: 9/11 Twin Towers/Chemtrails Holocaust = US Patent No. 4686605 A
The elite have us fighting multiple issues instead of focusing on connecting dots…. and look what happens
when you start connecting them!!
FOCUS, people…. HAARP connects with CHEMTRAILS which connect with the SMART GRID, which connect
with VACCINES, which connect with EMF weaponry…. and all that connects with REDUCED IMMUNE CAPACITY
caused by damaging our food chain with GMO’s, PESTICIDES, SOIL DEGRADATION, REDUCTION OF SUNLIGHT,
So you can fight any ONE of those issues you want…. but it is TOGETHER that these things become probative…
they PROVE that there is a systemic attack proceeding against us all.  Only a blind fool can come up with the conclusion
that these things are not deliberate… otherwise you must conclude that they are also killing themselves!
IF YOU WANT TO KILL A SNAKE YOU MUST CUT OFF THE HEAD.  So it is the people on TOP of this
programming who are at the HEAD OF THE SNAKE…. not simply the component parts, where they have amassed
plans to deal with any eventuality.
But in order to proceed with their plans they must keep us in the dark….
SOOOOOOOOOO….  Turn the lights on in your mind!
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From: Campbell Rebecca
Date: 11/09/2013 6:35:06 PM
To: undisclosed recipients:
Subject: 9/11 Twin Towers/Chemtrails Holocaust = US Patent No. 4686605 A

Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere

US Patent No. 4686605 A
(High Altitude Auroral Research Project = HAARP) (Ed.)


This invention has a phenomenal variety of possible ramifications and potential future developments.(Indeed!! — Ed.) As alluded to earlier, missile or aircraft destruction,deflection, or confusion could result, particularly when relativistic particles are employed. Also, large regions of the atmosphere could be lifted to an unexpectedly high altitude so that missiles encounter unexpected and unplanned drag forces with resultant destruction or deflection of same.
Weather modification is possible by, for example, altering upper atmosphere wind patterns or altering solar absorption patterns by constructing one or more plumes of atmospheric particles which will act as a lens or focusing device. (This was likely the initial purpose of chemtrails, with the other geobiocidal effects as increasingly important “collateral damage” — Ed.)
Besides actually changing the molecular composition of an atmospheric region, a particular molecule or molecules can be chosen for increased presence. For example, ozone, nitrogen, etc. concentrations in the atmosphere could be artificially increased. Similarly, environmental enhancement could be achieved by causing the breakup of various chemical entities such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, and the like.
Transportation of entities can also be realized when advantage is taken of the drag effects caused by regions of the atmosphere moving up along diverging field lines. Small micron sized particles can be then transported, and, under certain circumstances and with the availability of sufficient energy, larger particles or objects could be similarly affected.  Particles with desired characteristics such as tackiness, reflectivity, absorptivity, etc., can be transported for specific purposes or effects… (This is an early, precise description of the use of heavy metal particles/nanoparticles now being used in geoengineering/chemtrails, despite ongoing official claims that this is only being “under consideration”. — Ed.)
A moving plume could also serve as a means for supplying a space station or for focusing vast amount of sunlight on selected portions of the earth. Surveys of global scope could also be realized because the earth’s natural magnetic field could be significantly altered in a controlled manner by plasma beta effects resulting in, for example, improved magnetotelluric surveys.Electromagnetic pulse defenses (as well as offensive weapons! — Ed.) are also possible. The earth’s magnetic field could be decreased or disrupted at appropriate altitudes to modify or eliminate the magnetic field in high Compton electron generation (e.g., from high altitude nuclear bursts) regions.

High intensity, well controlled electrical fields can be provided in selected locations for various purposes. For example, the plasma sheath surrounding a missile or satellite (or high-rise building! — Ed.) could be used as a trigger for activating such a high intensity field to destroy the missile or satellite (or high-rise building! — Ed.) Further, irregularities can be created in the ionosphere which will interfere with the normal operation of various types of radar, e.g., synthetic aperture radar. The present invention can also be used to create artificial belts of trapped particles which in turn can be studied to determine the stability of such parties.
Still further, plumes in accordance with the present invention can be formed to simulate and/or perform the same functions as performed by the detonation of a “heave” type nuclear device without actually having to detonate such a device.Thus it can be seen that the ramifications are numerous, far-reaching, and exceedingly varied in usefulness…

(Here you have a possible validation of the work of Dr. Judy Wood and other 9/11 scientific researchers postulating that the WTC Twin Towers were vaporized with directed
energy weapons.  Some think these were powered by HAARP, citing the publicly undisclosed presence of likely HAARP-steered Hurricane Erin as evidence: 

with these DEWS, mimicking in their destructive effects those of mininukes, adamantly maintained as their method of destruction by other researchers. 

Although some may believe that HAARP’s wide-ranging electromagnetic plasma beams could not be focused sufficiently to destroy high-rise buildings such as the WTC Twin Towers, here is an excerpt from a US Navy text on radar, that, upon consideration, may further confirm this possibility: (Ed.) 

Radar is an active device. It utilizes its own radio energy to detect and track the target. It does not depend on energy radiated by the target itself.The ability to detect a target at great distances and to locate its position with high accuracy are two of the chief attributes of radar.
There are two groups of radio frequencies allocated by international standards for use by civil marine radar systems. The first group lies in the X-band which corresponds to a wavelength of 3 cm. and has a frequency range between 9300 and 9500 MHz. The second group lies in the S-band with a wavelength of 10 cm. and has a frequency range of 2900 to 3100 MHz. It is sometimes more convenient to speak in terms of wavelength rather than frequency because of the high values associated with the latter.
A fundamental requirement of marine radar is that of directional transmission and reception, which is achieved by producing a narrow horizontal beam. In order to focus the radio energy into a narrow beam, the laws of physics prevail and the wavelength must be within the few centimeters range.
(Below is a report concerning the US Navy’s Sea-Based X-Band (SBX) Mobile Marine Radar, present in the Seattle Harbor April-June 2011.  The public story was that it was at Vigor Shipyard undergoing “repairs’ by  leading Seattle-based defense contractor Boeing.  — Ed.)
The “Thing Dome” in the Seattle Harbor

The Sea-Based X-Band Radar underway.
June 21, 2011-Summer Solstice
I have a number of times now have been asked to report on the appearance several weeks ago of the US Navy’s SBX “Mobile Radar Station”, shown above, in the Seattle harbor.  At present, it prominently stands for the time being in Vigor Shipyards at the tip of Harbor Island, supposedly there for “repairs” by the Boeing Company, one of the largest US military contractors.
The “Thing Dome”, white in shade, stands approximately 180 feet high on an oil rig approximately 100 feet tall, and is officially being billed as an innocuous “Doppler radar”.  It supposedly was towed south to the Seattle harbor from Alaska, although I feel that it is just as likely to have come from the coast of Japan.  I say this because I feel — as do others — that this could be mobile marine component of the top-secret multipurpose HAARP weapon that many — including myself — was used to engineer the geobiocidal nuclear catastrophe now unfolding in Fukushima since March 11, 2011.
In a paper on HAARP, geoscientist Sr./Dr. Rosalie Bertell has mentioned that a similar configuration on an oil rig operated by SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) — the largest but least known US military contractor — was seen off the coast of Bande Aceh several days before the “Christmas/Boxer Day Tsunami” that killed over 250,000 people on December 26, 2004.  Significantly, SAIC was soon after awarded a multi-billion dollar contract for the Pacific Tsunami Warning Buoy System for the Pacific Rim region, in what may be a classic example of “wreckonomics”.  The Wikipedia article on the SBX, from which the picture above has been taken, tends to support this assertion, since it states that the SBX is operated by military contractors, not enlisted military personnel.
In addition, just as many UFOs have been spotted over nuclear weapons silos according to the testimony of several hundred organized former US military personnel/contractors willing to testify in public, in court and before the US Congress, several people have reported to me that they have seen silver cylinder-shaped UFOs hovering over the SBX array by night in the Seattle harbor.  Someone may therefore be trying to tell us that the “Thing Dome” may not be as innocuous as the US Navy wants us to believe.

This is the same US Navy that, according to its own official Environmental Impact Statements (EISs), is now using the people, marine mammals and environment of the US Pacific Northwest for target practice with depleted uranium, white phosphorus, sonar and “unspecified weather weapons” (read “HAARP”) under the pretext of “weapons testing” in a coastal area now quietly designated by the US Department of Homeland Security — as it has done with this entire nation — a “constitution-free zone”.

(Here we see that there exists a sea-based X-band radar technology that could have possibly at the very least triangulated/focused the wide-ranging beams of large, stationary HAARP arrays in many areas of the world.  This includes off the US east coast — specifically off New York City — on September 11, 2001. — Ed.)


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