Nick Begich Agrees We Should Be Absolutely Terrified of HAARP

Saturday, August 10, 2013

HAARP Facility

Who is the terrorist if HAARP should make us “absolutely terrified?

VIDEO Click Here

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been in control of HAARP since 2006 when the radiated power was increased by a factor of four. HAARP was briefly closed down in the Summer of 2013 to re-open in the Fall under new management – an undisclosed private contractor. This change is considered to be a strategy to drive the program deeper underground by eliminating the requirement to respond to FOIA requests.

The consequences of this change in management could put a secret cabal in charge of the most dangerous weapons system on earth, short a nuclear holocaust.

When HAARP goes off-line there are many more ionospheric heaters and Tesla devices in the coordinated global network to fill the gap. This diagram shows many of the additional, sites however there are more weapons systems not shown that are either secret installations, space weapons satellites or portable transmitters towed around the oceans by military ships. Moreover, China is currently designing their own electromagnetic weapons system expected to be online in the near future.

HAARP Global Ionospheric heaters


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