Fukushima radiation kills bees and Trees across North America

(Scroll down for my ‘PHOTOS Of New Growth Damage Evident’)


Trees in public gardens across the Northern American continent are dying. It has been discovered right across Canada from Vancouver to Halifax. The flowers are also getting discoloured as originally reported by an article in `chemtrailsinourskies.wordpress.com/tag/trees-plants-bees-dying-from-Fukushima-radiation’.
Even the pollinating bees are dying.Joe Giambrone has written in his article, titled
`The Truth about Radiation and the Fukushima Meltdowns’ that was published in `earthfirstnews.wordpress.com’, that the mainstream media is underestimating the effects of such radiation. He says, “I am afraid, I have got some bad news and I am going to have to point out some widespread untruths going round concerning the health impact of radiation poisoning from the Fukushima meltdowns”. The International Atomic Energy Agency is just being a silent and skeptical watchdog to the whole situation. The nuclear fallout, the chemtrails and the dying foliage does not bode well for the future. We are probably becoming the doom generation.People have been able to shoot videos of how the bees are landing on flowers to pollinate; starting to eat in the centre of the flower and then losing their sense of movement to die after few minutes. This can be seen from the video shown below.

Watch bee dying after landing in flower Fukushima Radiation

This video has reached over 10,000 views at FolkPhotographer youtube channel and is now reposted everywhere.

Comments received indicate that this is happening world wide.

Radiation Fall Out Killing Foliage at Halifax Public Gardens?



Here have a look at these photos and videos..
Then check out these videos.

Trees Plants & Bees Dying from Radiation (Fukushima?)

42 videos


kobehal says

Apparently they are spreading the contaminated dirt around the country.

journey344 says

or chemtrails……stuff falling from the sky. something is very wrong.

msbellee says

I’m in Charlotte, NC, USA and I have noticed an inordinate amount of dying or dead trees. Trees have already leafed out for spring here and you can see where trees of the same species line the streets, there are live ones interspersed with dead ones that were alive just last season. It’s getting creepy.

ljthompson87 says

Wouldn’t this more likely be the results of some sort of insecticide or chemical applied to the plant? if the radiation level was high enough to kill a bee in 3 minutes then the humans in that area wouldn’t last a whole lot longer. Not very convincing without a geiger counter or some other visible means of proving radiation present. Animals insects and plants even live in the Chernobyl exclusion zone where significant, measurable radiation is present.

sanmig68 says

“when all the bees die, humans have another 4 years.”

Albert Einstein

Shakee Goop says

When the bee dies, so do we.

CHUNKYNUGGET666 3 months ago

Maybe the flower was sprayed with insectacide, possibly spraying for mosquitos, early in the morning??


no it was not..they do not spray in the Halifax public gardens. This is my video.

Bob Rennerp says.
Bruce these videos were made in my home town of Halifax Canada,,by a good buddy of mine Dan ,,he’s very good and has very good timing ,,i must say,,tragic for sure
Bruce Eggum on world truth says Thanks to Dan! We need comprehensive real news.

PHOTOS Of New Growth Damage Evident

I just started taking photos for this season..I will get more if weather permits. WE have had only 5 full days of sun in the past eight months.

You can download the full HI-RES photos here.. Click on options .


Click on images for full screen.

Damage-05-10-2013_7167 Damage-05-10-2013_7174 Damage-05-10-2013_7165 Damage-05-10-2013_7170 Damage-05-10-2013_7175 Damage-05-10-2013_7171 Damage-05-10-2013_7173 Damage-05-10-2013_7168


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