Swallow Chemtrail aerosols biophotons


Georg Manfeldt SAYS,

Swallow Chemtrail aerosols biophotons ?

The technology-Scout Harald Kautz-Vella has found out that Chemtrail-could bring the growth of plants crystals to a standstill, by interfering with cell communication based on Biophoton.

If we bring further piezoelectric nano particles in the atmosphere, we prevent the bio-photon Exchange in nature, and it will soon grow nothing. Because barium-strontium-titanate, as they are used in the geo-engineering, are extremely similar in DNA in their optical properties.They respond to the same light quality nature used to cell communication.

She occupy a space in the middle of the DNA cluster and mingle in their task: to throw the blueprints of life as a hologram in the room.

Only the barium-strontium-titanate does not know the forms and the swallows exactly those frequencies that trigger cell division in the nature for the responsible.

(This text from the magazine are space + time)


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