Great Chemtrails Sites SHARE SHARE SHARE

Great Chemtrails Sites  SHARE SHARE SHARE

The Lunatics are killing this planet with their Chemtrailing

and the people are to dumb to do anything ABOUT IT..


Rense has a huge collection of articles  

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Global Revolution brings you live stream video coverage
from independent journalists on the ground at nonviolent
protests around the world.
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  • Swallow Chemtrail aerosols biophotons ?

    The technology-Scout Harald Kautz-Vella has found out that Chemtrail-could bring the growth of plants crystals to a standstill, by interfering with cell communication based on Biophoton.

    If we bring further piezoelectric nano particles in the atmosphere, we prevent the bio-photon Exchange in nature, and it will soon grow nothing. Because barium-strontium-titanate, as they are used in the geo-engineering, are extremely similar in DNA in their optical properties.They respond to the same light quality nature used to cell communication.
    She occupy a space in the middle of the DNA cluster and mingle in their task: to throw the blueprints of life as a hologram in the room. Only the barium-strontium-titanate does not know the forms and the swallows exactly those frequencies that trigger cell division in the nature for the responsible.

    (This text from the magazine are space + time)


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