Are whites sick to be doing and allowing the Chemtrailing of our planet?


I created this image above because from all the research I have done it is clear that those doing the Chemtrailing in deed are sick and they are all whites.

So below is an interesting facebook comments tread that went on below this image.. I think you will find it interesting.

  • Randy Turpin WHAT is this some sort of fucking racial/prejudice hate speech disguised as a public awareness or activist post? Go fuck yourself you fucking IDIOT pale skinned white people are NOT sick you are sick for posting something like this shit,you fucking racist HATER! My kids are pale they are not sick. The welterweight UFC champion of the world is pale and he is NOT sick.
    The palest man I can think of is the WWE wrestler SHAYMISS and he is a giant and brute of a man a real physical specimen.
    I know what you mean by sick but guess what.
    The one person most capable of stopping these chem-trails is the PRESIDENT of the U.S.A and he is a black man.
    You sound like a fucking retard,stop pretending to be doing good as a disguise and opportunity to spread hate,racism and a chance to promote separation instead of unity!
  • Ann Kelly Stop this now , this is killing the masses of population and animals please wake up to this
  • Randy Turpin You are on here supposedly to share TRUTH and to “RESIST the NWO” well Jews are NOT considered to be white as far as I am concerned and they most certainly aren’t “PALE” and neither is OBAMA so you better get educated and recognize your enemy before you start defeating your own purpose or cause.
    UNLESS your REAL cause is to be a racist piece of crap that intends on making the white race look bad and responsible for all the problems of the world today because you are small minded and a racist PIG!
  • Randy Turpin Talk to the AMERICAN PRESIDENT, or the U.N these are the ones responsible for this and the ONLY ONES capable of ending it. NOT so called “sick white people” fucking ignorant pieces of shit,go rot in hell and take your biased dividing,separating message and propaganda with you!
  • Daniel J Towsey The whites are so dumb..they do everything they are told by the ones you pointed out..I am glad to get a reaction from you.. If the whites are so great then why did they let our society be destroyed?
    The problem is the little WHITE lies are not so little and the worse thing is they believe all their own white lies..
    There is a real reason why the white society is being destroyed and that is because ….. go ahead tell some truth..answer the question..
    Stop blaming the evil doers and start blaming the ones who are being destroyed for living the white lies..
  • If the whites lived by truthfulness then they would of done something long ago to stop the NWO insanity..
    but the whites got bough off by the over abundance of easy fake money..they were literally bought off..
  • Who do you think owns the Chemtrails companies, planes and who do you think flies them? They are all bought off whites.
    Just maybe it is because all those with color are smarter
  • Seems to me whites are blaming everyone else for their own demise…
    Maybe now you will get off the white topic and start doing something to wake yourself and others up to the Chemtrails destroying the planet..
    All the trees and foliage are dying all over the planet because of the chemtrails spraying…but again.I do not see any whites speaking up and protesting about this Chemtrails nightmare..
    And Randy your the racist..You talk about Jews and blacks..
    I really believed it was a great idea to post this comment on this picture..Maybe one day the whites will WAKE THE FUCK UP..
    So Randy.. Do you have an activist blog? Have you ever taken up a cause like the Chemtrails, GMO, Fluoride, Vaccines ets etc..
    Have done anything outwardly active to do something to fix the insane sickness that is destroying everyhting?
    If you have then give me some proof..
    When ever have you ever heard a white person admit that some whites are part of the problem..never..that is when..Whites think they are superior….
    Who do you think does everything for the elites? It is whites…But now there is a guy who is actually only six percent black as president..
    and everyone is saying he is black…
     Whites will turn on anyone..fragging by whites in the military is very common..
    The tide has turned..the whole world has had an agenda to destroy the whites…
    Who NUKED Japan, Who fire bombed all the German cities causing the real Holocaust, Who Bombed Yugoslavia to oblivion? Who Destroyed Iraq,
    Who is growing the opium in Afghanistan,
    Who was behind the Rwanda massacre, the list does not end.Who is making all the weapons, all the GMO’s, all the vaccines, all the depleted uranium munitions?
    Yah it is all done by whites…It ss all whites doing it..
    Then the whites want to pass the blame on the Jews who control everything above them.. Cowards do the evil stuff.. So don’t just blame the Zionist Jews..
    Take the due blame for following the orders to do all that evil insanity..
    Never in my life have I seen whites speak up and fight to do what is truly right..
    Unless of course you believe all the crap from Hollywood and corrupt media about military heroes..
    We whites have no heroes..when was the last time you heard a white hero revolutionary speak up?
    Why do you think all the white Nations have FEMA extermination camps?
    Randy Turpin LISTEN you reverse racist ,you can lie to yourself because you are full of hate but I am gonna share some true testimony with you,
    BUT First give you a quick history lesson.
    Whites are not stupid,if they were they would NOT have been first to travel the globe and influenced and brought most of the modern nations out of the dark ages and then dominate them.
    YES I said DOMINATE them,whites have been dominating this planet since the days of the VIKINGS.I am NOT saying that is good or right,but I didn’t have ANYTHING to do with that and neither did my children.
    That is the past and we have to live in today and I don’t owe you or anyone else ANYTHING for the sufferings of your grandparents or ancestors and neither does ANYONE else living today because we were not responsible for that past suffering.
    We are individuals and deserve to be judged for our own actions not the actions of others.
    What you are saying is prejudice,racist and full of HATE. YOU really sound hypocritical.
    No wonder you don’t have a profile pic you are probably actually ashamed of yourself on some level for being so closed minded and discriminating.
    SHAME ON YOU! NOT ONCE IN MY LIFE has my white skin or blue eyes given me a break or advantage.
    I was poor,under privileged,neglected and abused in multiple ways growing up.
    I was in and out of foster homes,group homes,juvie,jail and prison and I never once got a break or helping hand because I am white.
    After turning my life around and struggling to get a GED and go to college.
    I was rejected entry into the college course I wanted to take.
    However…when I revealed proof that my grandmother(my fathers mother) was Mic Mac Native Indian,
    then I was excepted into the course because they had a open seat for minorities policy. YEAHHH,
    NOW ask yourself: which is the real culture being oppressed and discriminated against this day in age?
    EVERY culture is allowed to freely take pride in their heritage and bloodlines but the whites.
    Whites are not allowed a month or even a day to celebrate who they are,
    they cannot have clubs restricted to their own cultures,
    heritage or skin color and they cannot even publicly show pride in who they are without being accused of racism.
    THIS is the real face of oppression,especially because the reason whites are being oppressed today is simply because of the genius and dominance of our ancestors in days gone by.
    OBAMA is a dictator and a war monger oppressing EVERYONE he can including and especially people of color and NATIVES most of all but he is loved simply because he is the first president of color.
    If Obama was white he would have been forced out of office or assassinated by now for his many crimes against humanity and his assault on human rights but instead he is celebrated.
    No one needs to encourage this discrimination of the white race any further,the point has been made and many white people obviously already feel bad for their grand parents mistakes or they wouldn’t have done and continue to do ALL that they have to help the minorities and less fortunate.
    If all whites were bad and non were in favor of equality than all other cultures in North America would still be oppressed and not enjoy the freedoms they do today. The constitution as well as the Bill of Human Rights were written by white men for the benefit of ALL men.
    We ALL need to live in today and love each other as citizens of this world.
    The government regardless of race or color are the ones oppressing us all now and they want us to be at odds with each other because it takes the attention off off of them and keeps us from uniting against them in any real form of solidarity!
    Daniel J Towsey I haven’t read your comment yet..But oh yah white lies..Like we went to the moon..what a joke…is is nothing but lies coming out of the white race..
    •  I am now reading you comment.. I will now post answers to each of your statements individually..
      Randy Turpin Don’t ever think that a poor white person has ANY advantages over any other poor person.
      Poor is poor and anyone with wealth looks down on us the same we are just labeled poor white trash and actually have less advantages because there is no hand outs or special interests groups to help a poor white kid get up or a head.
      I have Native blood but I didn’t reject my Indian heritage,my grandmother was rejected and lost ALL rights because she fell in love with and married a white man. Yet if her brother had married a white woman he and their children would still be receiving their Native rights to this day. TALK ABOUT DISCRIMINATION, I call that double discrimination. That’s racist and sexist!
      Daniel J Towsey The white in your generation are being destroyed..
      It was not like that when I was your age.. like I said..there has been an agenda for while destroying the white race.. you are living it.. I saw it developing..the destruction of the whites..
       You have been fed nothing but white lies about the history of this world.
      Like your comment that the whites spread advancements and civilization..what crap..
      whites went around the globe killing, destroying taking and then controlling everything..
      That game is over..soon the history books will start having the other side of the story written..
      I am old enough to know the other side of the story..and the white oppression has been horrible and destructive..
      okay another answer..about you saying we have no responsibility over the past..will I assure you the rest of the world does not see it that way.
      Like Cambodia every day kids getting blown up by the millions of land mines that the white left behind..
      It will take them more then two hundred years to clear those mines…
      Like the great and easy life whites got from the theft of everything..
      • Daniel J Towsey You must be blind to..Have a look at the will see my picture..
        How about the whites spraying Chemicals all over Laos..Those agent orange chemicals are there for ever…
        That was done by whites also.. and you wonder why being white today means no advantages for you..
        every other so called minority is getting the breaks and not the your learning why..
        I will keep answering you statements and then maybe you will understand that the past does affect the present..
        Randy Turpin I know my race is being destroyed and oppressed and enough is enough we are ALL humans and we
        (living today) should not be held responsible for the actions of our forefathers,
        most of all my children shouldn’t suffer or be held accountable.
        They should not have to grow up feeling discrimination or the guilt my generation has been forced to feel.
        They should be allowed to have pride in who they are just as much as anyone else from any other culture.
        Like I said they should be proud that their recent ancestors abolished slavery,
        created rights for equality and tried to make amends and give at least some restitution to the Natives.
        They should not be bombarded constantly with guilt trips because at an earlier time in history their great ancestors ruled with an iron fist
        and dominated every other culture they wanted to conquer and or destroy.
        America is still doing it today but the difference is it is a combination of different colors and races working for one banker and corporation owned
        and run government.
        That should be the true focus but THEY want us to focus on these past offenses that separate us in stead of uniting us to give us power we allow
        THEM to take it from us.
        ACTUALLY when we succumb to racism and hate which divides us we give our power away.
        THEY really know what they are doing, and too many are just buying into it right now,instead of focusing on the REAL enemy!
        Daniel J Towsey The French army from Quebec were the ones that defeated the whites from the American south..
        If the French army had not stepped in..The slavery would of continued..Now we have economic slavery..
        • You should go read up on the U.N Agenda 21..that agenda is the reason why you are now seeing other races taking control..
          all this equality was not done by whites.. Whites have never cared about any race but their own and your comments prove it very clearly..
          You still speak about white superiority..
          That is why agenda 21 will continue..
          When the day comes when you admit that what the whites did was evil and wrong,
          will be the day the whites will stop believing all their not little white lies.. I think now your beginning to understand that the past does matter..
           About Obama.. He heads the U.N. He is in charge of the security council that run the U.N.
          Take a really good look..You will see U.N. Agenda 21 at work..
          I hate the U.N. I agree Obama is evil.. We are all in trouble..
          The worlds peoples need to wake up and know the true past history because the past is today..
          Those who do not learn from the past will surely continue in the same path..
          And about white oppression in our is only the white males that are being oppressed..
          in fact their evil deadly dominance is what is being destroyed..
          Like all the synthetic female hormones injected into all live stock so that men are now,
          as they say “I feel like a woman inside” all that was done to destroy white mens strength and masculinity..
        • Randy Turpin The french army from Quebec was white and like I said my white Canadian children should be able to take pride in that.
          Not have to feel guilty because some red neck Southerners didn’t ever want to change and allow freedom to occur.
          Most of this shit youlike to remind me that the white people did,well they weren’t even Canadian
          it was the U.S and they also tried to invade and rule us in 1812 but got sent packing,
          and then when WE marched on the white house and destroyed it on their own turf,they gave up and didn’t want any more of us.
          Today Canada and the U.S.A are thick as thieves though and other than a name,healthcare and a border there is no difference in the two.
          We along with Israel and England are all in one boat against the rest of the world and it’s the governments or should I say GOVERNMENT
          (no plural) of these countries that are ruining our world wide reputation and trying to enslave us all. That’s why we need to forget the past,
          get over it and stop placing blame on each other and focus on who is doing the dirt today.
          It’s not a culture or race it’s a government who doesn’t care or distinguish race color,religion or anything else but profit and control.
          • Daniel J Towsey About the Human rights bills..they were written under the guidance of Agenda 21..
            take a good look and you will see that everyone has benefited from those human rights bills except white men..
            I hope you are now waking up to the reality..
            I think after this history lesson I am writing you will understand why I wrote that white comment above in the picture
          • The white hate is against English whites..
          • Go to the Halifax harbor and have a look at the huge 1812 monument..The whites are still living in the past.
            .The American whites were all from Europe and so were the english whites in Canada.
          • Randy Turpin LOL,I know about AGENDA 21 don’t worry and it isn’t just gonna affect whites it will be everyone who isn’t in the little mixed
            race club that considers themselves the ELITE and think their lives and families are worth more than all other human life that only exists to
            serve them and their end goals!
          • Daniel J Towsey All the evil done all over the world by the U.S.A. has always been under the directions and control
            of the British Zionist Masons.
            .Canada has done just as much evil and gone over seas and has participated in the same American activities..Now your getting it..
            The white culture has been the most formidable to destroy..divide and concur..
            but the NWO one world government is their Agenda..but it is much worse..
            they think with all that fake money they made, they think they own the planet..they do not want to share it..
            and the Georgia Guidestones is their NWO ten commandments..they are going to kill off most of us and that is already happening..
          • They will soon bring in Marshall law..the FEMA extermination camps are all up and running..they are first going to destroy our currencies
            and then the dying and mass killings start..The Chemtrails is a big part of how they are going to kill most of the worlds population..
            • Randy Turpin YOU really think any of them care about,left,right,dem,rep,liberal,conservative,jew,muslim black or white?
              LOL I am sure you must be aware from all you have already said that this is all a big hoax and divide,
              separate and conquer campaign to separate and cause hate and decision. COME ON,you don’t sound stupid to me.
              You have to realize that at the top they are a combination of all these things with the same goal /agenda to be super filthy rich and
              to rule the world and keep their own bloodlines alive when or if the end comes.
              This is the message they want to distract the world from and if the whites need to be the bad guy today,so be it ,they don’t care.
              THE WHITE people in that click don’t even give a shit about it,tomorrow it will be another enemy and another the next day as long
              as the focus isn’t on them they are happy to perpetuate this hate and division.
            • Daniel J Towsey There will not be a tomorrow for most and it is not about being rich…
              They produce and make the money anytime they want..
              Take the money equation out and you will beginning to understand that they are completely insane with their power..
    • Daniel J Towsey We are dealing with out of control Zionist Elite Corporate Bankster Satanist Criminally Insane lunatics…
    • The whites were never superior..they were just bought off by the Satanist Zionist Rothchild Illness..
    • Go back to the First Rottenchild and follow the trail..then you will really understand just how important the past is.
    • We are all doomed if we do not over the mental illness that has taken over the planet..
    • That illness is afflicting the whites the worse..because whites have been fed lies for more then two hundred years by the Rothchild Satanists out of London..
    • The first Rothchild wrote it all out in ‘The protocols of the learned elders of Zion” Rothchild created Zionism and it has nothing to do with just Jews..
    • Randy Turpin The BAD GUY or GUYS isn’t white,black,red or yellow,he isn’t even a certain religion or political party he is a multi headed dragon with many faces and tongues who will lie,deceive,divide and conquer through his power of influence(media).
    • He is a mixture of MANY cultures and races almost all of the races of this world but the most financially successful and influential members of their societies.THE ONES with the most control of resources and the populations (BANKERS,POLITICIANS,MEDIA MOGULS) and they ARE NOT ALL white,actually this day in age the majority of these powerful and corrupt are ZIONIST and they come from ALL backgrounds but mostly jewish decent.
    • They don’t give a fuck about their own people do you think they care who gets the blame for ANYTHING?
    • They are ALL EVIL,but if you want to continue to perpetuate hate against whites and continue to campaign against white English speaking North Americans and try to increase their guilt and downfall you just continue to do that.
    • Waste your energy and intelligence hating and blaming one race for everything from oppression to “chem trails” if you insist ,but I think your smarts could be better used to fight the real enemy and teach/wake up the SHEEPLE instead of encouraging them in the way or thinking of the world today and just reinforcing what the media already says/does!!!
    • Daniel J Towsey Bye the way..I have never spewed out Hatered.. My statement about whites was unfortunately very true..
    • The whites really need to learn the truth for only truth will make a person sane and not ill..
    •  I still do not see a white awakening….
    • and every color has to awaken.. You seem to have ignored my comments about the U.N. agenda 21 world depopulation..Do realize the insane write everything out that they do before they do it and they have never failed yet..If the message on the Georgina Guidestones was not real. That monument would of been torn down long ago..
    • The Protocols were written before the invasion and the killing of 80 million Christians in Russia..Communism was created by Rothchild. Everything they wrote in the Protocols has come true.. Some say the Protocols are forgeries. That is correct, for all forgeries are identical copies of the original..
    • You are to dumb for me.. You see my message as racist.. Our conversation is over.. If you saw I am racist one more time I’ll just unfriend you.. I tried to educate you but that has been a waste of my time..
    • Good luck when the Police state kicks in when they shut down the money..Obama just did a speech on television about a week ago announcing he is cutting off fifty percent of the US government spending.
    • That includes reducing the money by fifty percent to the American military..that effectively has completely disabled the military and my actually leave all those serving over seas stranded…
    • Social services and everything else is also having fifty percent cut off.
    • Randy Turpin The media invented the anti WHITE campaign and successfully tried to take credit away from ALL the good whites have done in the world and focused on their wrong doing. making blacks ,jews and most people of color feel like all their problems were on count of whites only and they had no part in their own sufferings even though whites have been heroes even more than they have been villains throughout history. but I guess I will be labelled white supremest or racist for pointing that out LMAO! I don’t care it’s truth!
    • Randy Turpin WOW.. seriously? I didn’t know that. CRAZY SHIT MAN!
    • Daniel J Towsey Randy I am not racist..I am trying to wake the whites and everyone up.. They really are doing everything I told you.. We are in big trouble..Did you see my post about all the guillotines at all the American military bases and at all the FEMA camps
    • Daniel J Towsey They have killed more then 300 million people in the past hundred years..
    • Randy Turpin No I didn’t see that I will check out you page/wall but I GTG now. I had fun talking to you I thought you would get mad and speak out of anger destroying your own argument and or reputation but even though it was an emotional and controversial topic we had a good debate. TTYL
    • Daniel J Towsey The great depression occurred because they removed forty percent of the currency out of circulation..Right now the American currency is being dumped as the world reserve currency..This mass killing is going to happen world wide..The Chemtrails is a metallic reflector to use with HAARP to literally zap everyone and they will tell us UFO’s did it.
    • Daniel J Towsey yes it was a good debate by fellow earthling Truth soldier
    • by the way check this out..
    • Randy Turpin I guess so, if you believe that everyone in government(including the president who could actually put a stop to this,and his zionist puppet masters) AND THE MILITARY(made op of every race) aware that this is happening is “White” and not black, jewish OR OF ANY OTHER NATIONALITY.The owners of these planes and the ones producing the chemicals in labs(mostly asians) The zionists who own the media and report and spin this topic are considered to be White as well I guess then. OKAY THEN …THANKS FOR THAT VERY INFORMATIVE AND WELL RESEARCHED INFORMATION. LMFAO!!!
    • Maureen Cragg Chemtrailing’s purpose is to make our atmosphere opaque so we can’t see what’s going on in the sky.
    • Daniel J Towsey Maureen that is the NWO UFO planet X crap… HAARP is a frequency weapon and project bluebeam 3D holographic imaging is an off shoot of it. They can create and achieve any frequency they want.
    • Including the one that shatters glass. Such as the glass for those deadly Mercury filled bulbs they are installing every where. If a mercury bulb explodes, the mercury vapor will surely kill you since the bulbs are in an enclosed area. They do not need to be on to exploded.
    • Daniel J Towsey WOW my brother’s house got flown over and sprayed with black chemtrails..he lives out in the country.. Now him and his family are deathly ill with 105 temperatures..I think he was targeted because he runs Chemtrails websites..
    • Laura Ludwig The committee of 300 are alleged to be the existence of a group founded by the British aristocracy in 1727.
    • Proponents believe the Committee to be an international council which organizes politics, commerce, banking, media, and the military for centralized global efforts. they are blatantly racist against people of any other color but their own. and being British they are naturally white,.
    • they are the ones responsible for the nwo, pharma poisoning, food poisoning, chemtrailing and planet poisoning, senseless wars and phony elected officials who are actually puppets for these sick pale bastards.
    • Daniel J Towsey Yes very true.. They are real. They are the round table. As in around the planet.

4 thoughts on “Are whites sick to be doing and allowing the Chemtrailing of our planet?”

  1. The committee of 300 alleges the existence of a group founded by the British aristocracy in 1727. Proponents believe the Committee to be an international council which organizes politics, commerce, banking, media, and the military for centralized global efforts. they are blatantly racist against people of any other color but their own. and being British they are naturally white,. they are the ones responsible for the nwo, pharma poisoning, food poisoning, chemtrailing and planet poisoning, senseless wars and phony elected officials who are actually puppets for these sick pale bastards.


  2. fake jews in israel are white and british aided these europeans into stealing palestinian lands in1947 and the illegal whitetrash in stolen america was the first to illegally recognize israel as a official country on May14,1948.i am sick of whites their wars their BS and drama get out of OUR land. whites should be sent back to europe and not allowed in any non white countries, that includes native indian lands kanata and america get the fk ouT


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