What if the Chemtrails Material Ignites in the Sky

Earth on fire

Okay now lets understand that Chemtrailing known as Geo-enginerring has been going on for more then twenty years.


(Note this is the correct facebook url https://www.facebook.com/ChemtrailsInTheSkies)

Now we get a gold colored sun rise and sun set , every single day.

That is because of the compounded accumulation of the chemtrails material in our atmosphere.



I believe this material is now several thousands of feet thick.

This can be proven in two ways.

First take notice that there is no longer a deep dark blue sky on cloudless sunny days. Instead we have almost completely white skies..

That is because the ultra fine nano material that has been sprayed is so dense now, that the powerful light of the sun lights it up.

That is just like a defuser white screen photographers put in front of their flash units to give a soft white light.

This also explains why we can still see the stars on cloudless clear nights.


The chemtrails material mainly contains the white aluminum material and also Barium.

The second way to know that this material really is in the sky, is by the fact that we can no longer hear jets flying in the skies.

The material is actually deflecting the sound waves from reaching down to earth.

Now some of you have discovered that foliage is dying world wide, you may have also noticed the light green moss like stuff surrounding the trees after it rains. That is due to the aluminum.




You can find much more information about geo-engineering here. http://ChemtrailsInOurSkies.wordpress.com

Also that forest fires are reaching unheard of temperatures in the thousands of degrees and burning voraciously.

These things and more are happening because the aluminum residue that is invisible to the naked eye is accumulating on the plants and in the soils.

This aluminum material is very flammable.

Ever notice that the gold colors on the plants and trees , as can be viewed when looking down from tall building, looks the same color as the Golden horizon of the sunsets and sunrises.



That color is actually the color of fire.

see this video. Scary Chemtrails Sunset Over Halifax



So this sounds crazy, but that chemtrails blanket around the whole planet is man made and is extremely flammable.

Those idiots doing this are trying to make what they previously wrote in a book, come to reality.

Beware of the insane who have taken control of this planet..

They want us all dead.

written by A Truth Soldier


Please see this article.




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what if sky ignites



2 thoughts on “What if the Chemtrails Material Ignites in the Sky”

  1. WORST fire in Colorado history thousands of acres and hundreds of homes….north of Colorado Springs is now a burnt waste land…CHEMTRAIL…responsible no doubt for our drought and ..making fire almost impossible
    to extenguish….aluminum on plants and soil very flammable


  2. this is terrifying information. they are doing it because of Nibiru, it is an extremely hot planet and that is what will ignite it…


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