Green Death of the Forests – FILM

Green Death of the Forests – FILM

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ALMA a film by Patrick Rouxel

Green Death of the Forests

Green Death of The Forests is an unusual film. It is both a hard hitting portrayal of the causes and consequences of deforestation in Indonesia, and a film which captures the tranquility and calm of wild nature. It contains no narrative or dialogue and yet helps us understand complex commodity chains.

It was made with a small camera by a single person on a tourist visa, and has beaten much larger production teams, and healthily funded groups to the most prestigious prizes in environmental film-making.

Green needs to be taken seriously. That means it, and the issues it touches upon, need to be studied critically. We hope that this will facilitate the action and thinking that Green requires. For it is difficult just to watch it, but what to do requires some thought.

Watch the full documentary now – 47 min

Published on 29 Mar 2012

Thanks to Filmmaker: Patrick Rouxel


Daniel J Towsey says, Thanks to Harpers C-45 This is now coming to Canada’s wilderness.

FolkPhotographer says,  Corporatism is a horrific world wide illness.. google A Truth Soldier..

  • wherescatarinawherescatarinasays, 6,000 views? It should be 6,000,000,000! I’m heartsick watching it, ashamed of being humans. Love and blessings to these people, including Patrick, who work so tirelessly to show such caring and love to these animals in the midst of such devastation. When I hear the sounds of the jungle waking up I get the most incredible feeling in my soul. Indescribable, no words.
  • ninadmdeo1  says,This documentary is about OUR Earth!!Stop with the stupid blaming game and own up to it!!
  • Manikumar Prabhakaran says, We are not talking black or white ,Its about the extinction of animals .In East people are not making production entirely for them they are controlled by the western market. in reply to runes0009
  • andrew stordy says, The earlier humans are gone the better.
  • runes0009says, White people never caused much damage to nature and if we do we try to repair it. Problem is white technology got into the hands of gooks and niggers who proceed to destroy everything they can.· in reply to D Wenzlow
  • yaledrwd says, There are so few views for this video, but over three million for the cute little orangutan video… We want to see “cute”, but don’t want to see the reality of our consumption… Share this video on every social network you have… get it in everyone’s face… ‘Time to wake up…. Oh, but wait, they might “unfriend” you for caring about something other than what you had for dinner…
  • AlgonquinGearReviewsAlgonquinGearReviews says, the saddest thing is.. this docu has been up for almost a year – and only 3004 views. more people should see this – perhaps we’d think twice? … .. who am I kidding, of course we wouldn’t. We’re not capable of anything else but destruction.
  • ipetri01 says, I understand the urge to feed yourself and your family, and coming from a state of poverty, that could compel you to cut down a forest. But what of the men running these companies and the consumers supporting them? If an orangutan gets greedy and eats too much he gets fat and lazy but the world does not suffer; if a man gets greedy he gets fat, lazy, and keeps going until he has a storehouse of riches built on the extraction of resources which kills the earth.
  • agninagini 1 month ago  how did we loose our hearts???
  • agninagini says, This is so painful…
  • behemothx3 says, god damnit!
  • untamablegirluntamablegirl says, It amazes me how the most “intelligent” species on the planet is the most ignorant.
  • DavidBowie91DavidBowie91 says, We don’t deserve this planet anymore.
  • D Wenzlow says,  Makes you want to say, that we deserve to get extinct. So the earth can heal itself from the diseases called human.
  • chris bchris b says, This is a warning to all of us humankind. We ignore this warning at our peril. We will also join the endangered species list if we continue to pollute and plunder our planet at this crazy rate.

D Wenzlow says, Makes you want to say, that we deserve to get extinct. So the earth can heal itself from the diseases called human.

DavidBowie91 says, We don’t deserve this planet anymore.

ALMA a film by Patrick Rouxel

Published on 5 Mar 2012

Patrick Rouxel in France, 2011, 65 mins.
The second in a trilogy of tropical rainforest destruction films.

Beautifully shot, alternately joyful and horrifying, Alma captures the ecological, and even spiritual, cost of meat, dairy, and leather production in the Amazon.
Since 2003, Patrick Rouxel has dedicated his time to making films aimed at raising awareness of deforestation, loss of biodiversity, and the ethical treatment of animals. The multi-award winning GREEN presented a heartrending account of the life of an Orangutan against a backdrop of palm oil production and natural habitat loss.

In Alma, Rouxel continues his cinematic journey into the world’s forests and the industries that are destroying them, this time heading to Brazil to explore the devastating impacts of the cattle industry. Here he creates a powerful statement about the global industrial economy and the speed with which virgin forests are being cleared for timber and new grazing land.

The film offers a unique and visually stunning exposition of a colorful cowboy culture and the millions of animals used to satisfy our voracious global appetite for meat and dairy products. In almost-wordless contemplation, the film wanders from forest to pasture to rodeo to slaughterhouse to market to tannery. In essence, Alma is a journey into the soul of humanity and a testimony of the damage inflicted by humans on the natural world.
~ Rachel Caplan
, San Francisco Green Film Festival


Selaginella Lycopodium says, This reminds me of Nazi concentration camp footages…..epic work Patrick Rouxel…hope more people watch this..

Bmoha Moha says,Thank you for Production…

asimeajs says, You can see the beautiful life in these creators eyes Its amazing how we humans collectively shun upon our impact on the incredible biosphere that we live so carelessly in…may GOD help us to become a more caring,compassionate kind,,thank you for the upload

HenryDavidT says,  The dedication to shooting these documentaries must be commended.

I had to turn off a couple times, starting when I saw the young calf’s mouth being roped shut & tied to its mother’s legs & the latter’s legs were tightly bound, so she could be milked, & when the hungry calf wanted some milk, it was slapped hard & pushed onto the ground where it lay helplessly, being so young, wobbly, & hungry.

I know we humans are brutal, but… this is very hard to watch. Incredibly informative. Thank you.


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