In recent years you were able to go to a natural area of high negative ionisaton such as forest, mountains, beaches and waterfalls. These were considered healthy places. All of that has changed. The government and military aerosol (chemtrail) activity in the atmosphere, over our cities and world has damaged and negated the ability of natural resources to produce healthy negatives ions as before. The total effect is a great increase in positive ions on and around your body and in your total living environment.

Weather and atmosphere is important in the production of negative ions. The Navy RFMP/VTRPE chemtrail program uses a barium salt mixture aerosol in the atmosphere we breathe. The Navy program started over four years ago and hundreds of tons of barium salt has been sprayed into our air. You cannot make negative ions in a barium salt atmosphere that is radiated and contains an electrolyte. There are more factors making positive ions than there are factors making negative ions.

We are coming into a time when all living life forms and our farm soil will require negative ions to survive. Negative ions in the air decay within a few second of being created.

Visit http://ion_effects.tripod.com to learn more about the effects of negative and positive ions. It is important that you do so.

Four years ago we watched what first appeared to be one type of event in the atmosphere. Over time, we determined we were not viewing one event but several military operations, each of a different nature. We believe the military projects were hidden or cloaked behind the biological detection, decontamination and climate related projects. Most federal and state level authorities were not truthfully informed of the military projects. The projects were compartmentalised and made secret from the people and certain levels of government.


During the last four years of our “chemtrail investigation,” we have apparently worked from the lesser observed military projects to this, the most significant and profound military action in the history of man on the earth.  Nikola Tesla spoke of these things in the early 1920’s.

The American people have not been informed and know little of the existing bio-cellular communication and weapons technology, beyond textbook physics and the understanding of most science today.



See also satellite photos of chemtrails at http://www.rense.com/general4/chmgb.htm


See: Chemtrails Crimes & Cover-up Documented, http://www.carnicom.com/contrails.htm

Strange Haze, http://strangehaze.freeservers.com/index.html

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 Page of chemtrail related links

 Chemtrails: Suppression of Human Evolution


 Google: “Chemtrails To The Left Of Us” [parts 1-5] by John F. Winston


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