Crop Circles Made by Military Satellites

Crop Circles Made by Military Satellites

I (the author of this web-site) ““, have been visiting some crop circles in the UK, and I took some samples of vegetation and dead insects with me.

At home, with my microscope I have been carefully observing the tissues of the plants and of the insects. In order to find out how their state could be reproduced, I put some healthy plants and insects in a modified microwave oven combined with a laser burner (yes, I am truly sorry for this rude experiment) and I examined the tissues under the microscope.

Comparing the tissues, that I took from the crop circles in the UK with that I took from my microwave oven, bought me to an interesting conclusion : they look highly similar.

In other words, the cropcircles have been produced by microwave laser technology. This technology is used by the military.

Microwave laser games
As you know, with lasers it is possible to cut (fashion, dentist, etc.), bend and melt (industrial), and so forth, at great precision and from large distance. Microwave laser technology, or better, maser
technology, is used at a military satellite in order to “shoot” maser beams at precisely computed locations on our planet.

This kind of satellite is aimed to destoy anyhting at any time at any location under any atmospheric circumstances. Such satellite is not publicly known, i.e. kept secret, of course, and is responsible for
several “unresolved” airplane crashes.

Yes my dear visitor, maser satellites are flying right over you and you are not safe. It is all in the game of cover-up, misusing the belief of mankind that extra-terrestials are having an artistic party overnight. Well, not so, as the militaries are playing around with masers, using computers to design nice patterns and to guide the maser beams.

In the early 1970’s I started playing with mainfame computers to produce nice mathematical patterns. And sure I was not the only one. It is a common hobbyism. Nothing to do with galactic federations and Alien prophecies or symbols of universal wisdom.

Now, back to my microscopic investigation : in both cases (from the UK by artistic militaries and from my microwave & laser burner) the tissues of the plants showed tiny particles of near-crystallized dust that were melted / bonded with the tissue. Both the plants and the
insects were literally cooked. This effect can only be reached by masers.

Aiming a computer guided maser at high altitude towards a crop field, in about 15 seconds a large complex pattern can be projected and “cooked in”, using rotating maserbeams (it would be quite unfortunate if you would be moving under the beam at such moment)

Weapon used as toy

This is how crop circles are made, with a computer guided maser satellite, by bored artistic militaries. Period.

Oh, and the light flashes ? Well, simple, because of the electromagnetic field that is caused by the maser, the energy release is perceived as a flash of light. Sure they leave traces of energy in the plants, commonly incorrectly interpreted as spiritual energies of some sort. I have been into this research myself when I was studying all that stuff for my graduation.

By the way, if indeed Aliens have been around for thousands of years, how come that only since a few years cropcircles have been reported ? Since a few years, however, we do have star wars satellites – made by us – orbiting planet Earth. Once again, crop circles are NOT made by
Aliens or UFOs, but simply by a maser satellite, programmed by a bunch of geeks. Keep it simple.

Mr. Jorge “George” Anthony Paniagua
615-A  Jefferson Street
Stayton, Oregon  97383-1929



One thought on “Crop Circles Made by Military Satellites”

  1. A plausable explanation. Having the status of a hypothesis. Have you any proof? Even if your observations are valid and indicative of the methodology of creattion of the circles, they do not go to proof of the identity of the parties responsible.


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