Chemtrails Video Reports

Chemtrails Truther 150px text2014  reports  here.


Video Reports Halifax Oct 8 2013 Dead Bees and Sick Dying Trees. to climate change

Chemtrails 2013 Halifax Reports Sick, Dying Mutating Foliage

I will be updating this video list as I make the videos.

They are listed here from older to newer. Videos start early may over Halifax Nova Scotia.

Here is the link to them on youtube.

Chemtrails Nano Fibers Fall Out (3 Video Compilation)

PATRICK LYNCH. CHEMTRAILS / GEOENGINEERING of OUR SKIES. New World Order Agenda. Penzance 2013. 1/2 march against chemtrails

Sick Dying Trees Halifax UPDATE Chemtrails

Published on Sep 12, 2013

Click on first video below and they will each consecutively non stop.

Go to this link to see the 43 videos from last year showing, dying trees, foliage bees and chemtrails..


WetFishDuff says,

Are chemtrails radioactive? I can’t seem to find definitive answers..

The ongoing fallout from Fukushima alone is enough to kill off the trees! 😦

Morph314 SAYS,


edward starling says,

im thinking maybe fukushima has a little something to do with this.

i live in jersey, and this is hte first time i saw on route 80 that the leaves changed red and yellow in early june, and dropped the leaves, after the leaves turned brown. i saw sumac and maple now bare with no leaves. i have never seen anything like this before, they trees are acting like its fall.

Izora Woods says,

Thanks for your video, I have been making videos about this too and taking pictures – I am just outside Winnipeg – it is EVERYWHERE! my whole videi is full of everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, and dead, dead, dead dying, dying, dying – I swear – check mine out – we sound the same!

FreeTruthShow says,

thanks for making this important video. i have shared it on my freetruth show facebook and would like to interview you on air with critical mass radio when i start broadcasting again. all the best, patrick

Antwan760 says,

Beautiful Video, And Your Voice was Clear the whole way through. Share this EVERY WHERE YOU CAN.

Shawn Aubertin says.

same thing is happening with pine trees(the all look dead and unhealthy) here in northern ontario dammmit not to mention chemtrails making the sky completely white everyday

TheBrownsberg 8says,

Cell towers for mobile phones and the microwave radiation or Radiofrequency Radiation they are emitting is destroying the imune system of trees and bees and ultimately humans. Look at this documentary; Resonance – Frequency of Beings by James Russel. All the negative ions are decipated and the Schumann resonace is no longer measurable. Realy it is not fukushima, or the trees would have died in europe since the Tsjernobyl accident In Russia.

FolkPhotographer says,

The spots and holes on the plants comes from chemtrails not from cell towers..

jack42grafton says,

You are right so right everywhere you go everything is dying!

R.G. Robinson says,

Actually, the heavy EMF coupled with the geoengineering is what is doing it. Why do you think they have over a dozen toxic heavy metals in the aerosols? They are heated up by ionizing radiation, which is mainly coming from US sources. Once Fukushima saturates the pacific, we will have zero edible seafood as well.

TheBrownsberg says,

No it’s not, the did a academic test with WIFI and tree leaves showed

necroting lesions within 3 weeks. This took place in a controlled environment without precipatation. Look, I am not here to convince you of anything, but these are the facts. No cell towers in halifax I bet. Anyway I am glad you see the problem with the trees and bees most of them don’t.

FolkPhotographer says,

I never said there are no cell towers. The cell towers have been around for more then 30 years.. the trees dying started really bad after Fukushima. I have been doing nature photography for more then 15 years and I have photos that show when this dying started..

· in reply to TheBrownsberg

Gary Smedley says,

The first Angel sounded: And hail and fire, mingled with blood, and they were thrown to the earth (chemtrails); and a third of the TREES were burned up, and all green grass was burned up. REVELATION 8:7 GOOD WORK MAN !!!!

liamooooable . says,

Same shi*t going on in Ireland. The tree and plant life is dying everywhere.

TheBrownsberg says,

Has nothing to do with winter. Trees die off in the middle of summer, barlk is peeling off, bark shows huge cracks.

Wake up, this has nothing to do with bacteria or fungy. This is the result of the adverse effect of microwave radiation emitted from cell tower for the smart phones. Bacteria are only a secondary response to a deteriorating imune system. In holland, england and germany some people have found that out allready. Not fukushima has nothing to do with it.

scombrid2 says,

Aborist says it is a fungal disease known as “Tar Spot” that primarily affects maples.

FolkPhotographer says,

This is a happening to all foliage.

eludz says,

THE ONLY strange thing i seen was birds above a street that were seemingly confused and it was like the movie the birds.. just was real freaky feeling seeing birds fly so out of control in one area and so many of them too.. and it was black birds as well.. not sure what kind..

killerdrums2010 says,

“its natures way of telling you somethings wrong”-SPIRIT 1970

changethecurrent says,

It really is alarming, There is nothing in the news about this either but it is so noticeable……

john holmes says,

Me too bro pissing me off man…..I can see shit just floating around in the air…Massive spraying all week here in Michigan the sky was supposed to be blue and it was not……

3Xtraders says,

We’re seeing a lot of tree/plant kill in Illinois as well. You obviously have eyes to see, and you’re concerned. Sadly I’m finding most don’t…


We are sure of the cause, chemical from the jets, how do we stop it?

john holmes says,

I know man, I see the shit floating around and I see spider like webs falling from the sky it’s crazy..don’t have to explain anything to me I know what’s going on with haarp and gwen towers.

TheKimrob says,

all summer the same here so many trees look sick and so many are dead

they are spraying the shit out of us here on long island n.y

jaksngreen says,

this is a cryin shame 😦 its pissing me off !

john holmes says

Me too bro pissing me off man…..I can see shit just floating around in the air…Massive spraying all week here in Michigan the sky was supposed to be blue and it was not……

Daniel J Towsey says,

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