My conversion with a nuclear emergency first responder

My conversion with a nuclear emergency first responder

OMG Dead trees everywhere Another Look Oct 9 2012

Youtube is blocking some of my videos so i am creating a new play list here.

The other day I had a three hour discussion with a man on Spring Garden Rd.

He told me he was a high level nuclear accident emergency responder..

He agreed that i am absolutely correct on what I spoke about and posted at and

about Fukushima being a world extinction event.. and that Fukushima is out of control and will get much worse.. ..

he was the most discouraged person I have ever met..

He realizes there is no fixing spring I believe there will be almost no trees with leaves..

Two plants at Fukushima have burned through to the bedrock.

They are in fission being The China syndrome.

Where the nuclear reaction can never be extinguished and it will keep emitting horrific Plutonium radiation into the Pacific ocean through the ground water forever.

The Pacific will be completely killed.

So will this planet.

Check this out.

Fukushima is now an issue of world wide human survival – Many UPDATES

See complete photo albums at these links.

Chemtrails Sunset

Viewers comments

  • Bloody hell mate that looks absolutely disgusting. I have filmed similar ‘chemical’ sunsets(see my vids) but this is far more severe. Time to buy a gas mask.

    DevonThing 1 week ago in playlist CHEMTRAILS In Our Skies – Halifax Nova Scotia

  • To me it looks like hell, the beauty is apocalyptic. The ignorance is prevalent:( Im put seeding in the rain and they die Weeds thrive tho,

    13Kismet in reply to Hussain Almousawi (Show the comment) 1 month ago

  • Just walk around and spread seeds of truth to strangers..say things like “The chemtrails are going to kill us” and then just keep walking..if enough people just seed the truth, people will go out and search to find out what you meant and search for the seeds of truth.

    FolkPhotographer in reply to Hussain Almousawi (Show the comment) 1 month ago

  • Bravo! Needs to be said again & again & again… People need to hear what they don’t want to hear. With you & trying to get them to listen!

    Yur Gramma 1 month ago

  • Yes, its a horrendous situation. So many don’t realize its going on. The mainstream media is not reporting real news. Its very difficult to wake people up. My orange tree is dying, my roses..the chemtrails sucking the life out every living thing! Everyone getting asthma, even children. All respiratory illness on the rise. I live in the Phoenix desert. The sky used to be a deep azure blue. Now its white, basically. We get sprayed all the time. Mass protests needed! Thanks for posting!


    • get up of your butt stop typing here AND DO SOMETHING or god wont forgive you and you know what that means for you DONT YOU !!

      doingitnowoncemore in reply to mksboysal (Show the comment) 1 month ago

    • My friend, this is very sad in deed… When I lived in Montana it was the same thing mid 1990’s . My eyes were terribly burning and running everyday. Breathing was bad real bad too. Anyway, this is not good at all, may God Almighty have mercy upon upon us from the sinister acts of these wicked people.

      mksboysal 1 month ago 2

    • ignorance certainly has its price. Is this the world that jews want to call their own? When they are done it will certainly not be anything I would call mine.


Deadly Chemtrails Rain Killing Plants & Trees

Radioactive Chemtrails Rain Killing Foliage (Fukushima)

Chemtrails killing trees & plants everywhere


Christopher Kimera says, You are right to be worried….first we have GMO nobody cared then; now we have Fukushima nobody seems to care now. Nothing has changed. Whether we like it or not this will have an impact on the population.

Daniel J Towsey says,  So few care.. and those who care and are trying to learn what is and what to do..are being severely hampered by professional disinformation trolls I see all over the place.

I wish those paid disinformation idiots would realize that there negative behaviors is seriously hampering and stopping any chance of people being able to save this planet.

Daniel J Towsey says, About my conversation with the nuke expert. I expressed to him that the situation at Fukushima is dreadful because all the expert first responders have died. Then Japan sent in all the firemen with their fire trucks to hose down the reactors.. They all too died. Now there are no experts willing to go in..Not only that there are no experts remaining alive that can do something. Even the boss the man that was in charge of the Fukushima plants is now dying in hospital..

Daniel J Towsey says, For anyone who is interested.. You can follow and re post or share this conversation from this post at this link..

For everyone else..If you have any question ask them now while I monitor this comment thread

Radiation Fall Out Killing Foliage at Halifax Public Gardens?


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