Bees become paralyzed or dead after landing on flowers

Bees become paralyzed or dead after landing on flowers

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Below you will see some of the pictures taken over time. In each you will first see the bee after it landed and started being disoriented and then paralyzed.

You will see pictures where the bees was having problems holding on and wrapped its legs around the flower then you will see many sequential images from different angles showing that the bee was not moving.

You can see the complete photo album at this link and you can download the image if you hold your mouse over the image.

You will see an options tab open up at the bottom and click on it. Then you will see the download link.

You will then be able to download the huge high resolution pictures.

Those pictures can be magnified several times so you can see the fine details.

You are free to download the photos and videos and re-upload them to spread this information.

Holding flower with dead fat bee on it part one

Holding flower with dead fat bee on it part two

Now it is paralyzed and appears to be dead..


15 thoughts on “Bees become paralyzed or dead after landing on flowers”

  1. while chemtrails would be a factor, you would be wise to see how many cell towers are in the area. While i am sure halifax gets as much chem as the rest of us, if this bee is inner city, one thing it is exposed to 24/7 is rf radiation, that will disrupt ALL nerves in its body and can easily cause paralysis, inability to navigate, and compromising of the immune system. Each cell in a bees body will operate at low hertz while the towers and associated infrastructure will vibrate each cell at billions of hertz millions of pulses per day at different frequencies from multiple sources. People are usually missing the role that RF plays with chemtrails to activate nanobots in them among other things. Of course GMO’s and Chemtrails (designed to KILL organisms will play a role, 24/7 radiation cannot be ruled out as a factor in this equation one picture says it all… which is also confirmed by the military:


      1. So RF has no effect on bees or anything else? Or are you saying there is no combination or RF and Chemtrail elements? Or are you saying that bees navigation (which is proven to be disrupted by RF/EMF, like migratory birds) is negated? Or are you saying microwave radiating bees has no effect on the bees immune system? Since as shown in the military documents and countless other studies ALL of the above are true, and the sure fact that Halifax will have cell towers, wi-fi, (especially in a population dense part of the city) plus cordless phones (which in swiss, indian studies were shown to cause CCD) I am not sure where you can say it is ‘negated’ No one is saying it is the ONLY cause, it is a contributing factor, denying outright the above which has been shown time and again to be an issue (notice an issue, not the issue) is a pretty bold statement. Are you aware of nanobot control by RF? which is the primary aspect of chemtrailing that chemtrail people miss? Or how about the HeLa cells causing lateral gene transfer? So the chemtrail particulate landed on that exact flower and some component there of was ingested by the bee, at that exact time, and that is what caused instant paralysis of the bee? I am not saying this is impossible given the mass dosing that goes on, just seems a pretty intense statement to say that was the exact and only cause and nothing besides could be the cause? Again, you must understand, no one is denying the existence of chemtrails, I definitely know alot about this issue, perhaps more than the very people on this site. But it is a big stretch to say RF does nothing in this equation when throughout the life of that bee, it would have been exposed to trillions of pulses which would effect every cell of that bee (like it does all other living organisms) So, what I am saying, is it a bit much saying ‘there are no other contributing factors’ which is denying the very effects of RF the chemtrailers know, use and understand. Whereas you are saying RF does nothing, and only chemtrails cause any effects? I applaud your getting awareness out there, your research, and this find/post, but deepening your understanding is also key to allow people to comprehend this equation. HeLa cells need the charged field (RF/EMF) for maximum effects (and yes this is in GMO also) ALL factors in the scheme must be taken into effect.


      2. so what was it that was eaten? RF can cause paralysis and death in all types of animals, you can find that in the military docs also, links are there, this has been used for a long time. What was found on that flower that killed the bee? barium? strontium? there is such strong language ‘nothing’ ‘negates’ how do you know the nervous system hasnt been destroyed by the rf then something in the flowers? It would be just as easy to say the bee had gotten something from some other place, eaten the flower with the potential the nothing to do with the flower was a problem and then it was paralyzed there. Not saying that is what happened but with zero testing on the bee, the flower, it is a bit to say ‘only chemtrails did this’ and nothing else, when i dont see anything that says or shows there is chemtrail residue on the flower, in the bee…. anything. What we can see say for fact (barring that halifax is the last place on the planet that does not have massive doses of microwave radiation) that the bee has been exposed for life (unless only on this exact specific day) it went from somewhere with no exposure to the city. Again, no one is saying you are wrong or right. But you cant %100 rule out one thing, nor can you %100 rule in exactly and only one thing. Bees will die on many things all over the planet… can I say its rf alone? no, can anyone say it is GMO alone and impossible to be anything else? absolutely not. What was the temperature there? many bees will die just before winter (i live in canada, i know how cold it gets) even if not cold, it is close to time bees will die naturally.
        To rule every single factor and say only one thing can be the factor, with no test of anything but a video, is quite the statement. Did you test for pesticide residue? Exhaust residue? What besides the video has you %100 convinced (chemtrails alone) was the %100 cause without any other factors?


      3. here you can see about 30 dead bees on the ground ‘likely’ from the new meter just installed, with testimony from the witnesses that there was never dead (AND paralyzed bees) but now there is such, but can anyone say Nothing else was at all or ever could be the cause? You may have some scientists or slightly skeptical people on your site looking for info, once you %100 rule out everything, without any test, science anything but some pictures and opinion, you will instantly lose credibility for your efforts. As bad as it would be that the meter may be the cause for the death of these bees, how do we know they weren’t previously compromised by barium, roundup etc and that the RF pulses were just the last straw?
        %100 ruling out all things but what you want it to be will and absolutely does turn people off, it means your opinion and emotion has interfered. You have a picture of 1… 1 bee dying on a flower, and that is %100 chemtrails and nothing else? Have a look at this link.. Is this %100 meter? No, of course not… but the probability is high the meter killed them (or the neighbours freshly sprayed plants, the cordless phone, chemtrails etc. keep up the good work…


      4. this may be of help for you.
        and of course also the previously posted link above, perhaps that will help you understand this equation beyond ‘only what i think is the cause’ vs encompassing all possible factors, improves the knowledge base or yourself and the public while moving towards a healthy environment for bees and people. This also will make ‘the plan’ less effective by allowing people to make better informed decisions. RF effects everyone and everything 24/7 with or without chemtrails. Are you aware of plasma-arcing biomass and what that will do for exposure to barium etc? Do you know this about part of the reason for chemtrails? All these things must be considered to make informed decisions and posts. For me to claim chemtrails have no effect, or GMO’s would be the same thing, it makes no sense at all. Wishing you the best in informing the public on this issue, as I will be doing the same, as only through education can people start taking action.


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