Videos of trees dying all over the planet

Videos of trees dying all over the planet

Please Wake Up-Plants and Trees Dying Everywhere

Published on Jul 21, 2012 by

Footage of plants and trees dying from radiation and chemtrails.This is not only happening in America but ive noticed it in UK/Ireland too.wake up shortages will be next-This is a compilation of videos taken by – I AM SADDENED TO MY CORE …

–Death and Destruction of Trees and Plants–

Published on Jul 12, 2012 by

Maples, Fruit Trees, Plants dying off at alarming rates. Have you taken notice? Chemtrails? Fungus? Disease? Radiation? A sign of the times. Look up close in this video at some of the destruction and mysterious fibrous material on our trees and plants.

MY TREES ARE DYING 5-24-2012 Chemtrails? Orlando Florida UPDATE

Published on May 25, 2012 by

Doing what I can to save my trees. I think I might have figured out a way to fix whatever is going on with my citrus trees.

I had to cut down my lemon tree and will probably lose one of my grapefruit trees, but my other two citrus trees are showing signs of improvement, along with my tabebuia. My palm still looks the same, even after being treated and I still need to treat my cedar and magnolia with my organic bio-fungicide.

Now I have a bigger problem.

The large oak tree in my front yard is now starting to loose its bark too..

I’ll make a video and show you what I’m talking about.

Whatever it is that is causing this is EVERYWHERE!! I really believe Geo-Engineering is going on NOW (and for the last 10 or so years) and this is the cause.

Whatever they are spraying is cause the tree to weaken and it is leaving it open to pest and disease, so it looks like ot could be natural, but it isn’t normal for it to be happening at this rate.

EVERYONE needs to start looking at the trees in your city and see if it is happening there..

Dead Woods in Ohio July 13, 2012

Published on Jul 13, 2012 by

A set of dead woods in Ohio, one of many. Then across the road even more dead trees. How upsetting. Chemtrails? Fungus? Disease? There are so many dying trees and plant life in Ohio. Sign of the times.

CHEMTRAILS – DYING TREES, Hinze Dam, Gold Coast..

Australia    Published on Oct 2, 2012 by

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT:*************************
With the fire risk hovering over Queensland & of course other parts of Australia, THIS INFORMATION IS CRITICAL. You may remember the fires a couple years ago and also very recently, in Russia and Spain, these fires were enormous, with EXTREME, FEROCIOUS, UNCONTROLLABLE FIRES, now the thing that has not been mentioned on mainstream media, is what was found in the bark of these trees, especially in the Californian fires. There was huge amounts of ALUMINUM found in the bark. No wonder these fires produced massive heat, massive and destructive damage. THIS IS MORE SERIOUS THAN MOST OF YOU THINK. Think of those firefighters out there, maybe trying to save your house, your property and your surrounds. Not only are they risking their lives, there heart rates will be cranking hugely and with that, heavy breathing….. “See the point i am trying to make here??” THEY WILL BE BREATHING THIS FOREIGN CRAP IN!!
COME ON PEOPLE, PASS THIS LINK ROUND, THIS IS DAM SERIOUS, there is far more info i could put up, but this needs to be taken seriously. Dont be so self scented and only think of yourself. We are all at risk.
A visit to Hinze Dam which is situated on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia showed something quite unusual. Of all places where you think trees would be flourishing, with so much water surrounding them, it was odd to see so many dying trees in and around the water.
You must remember too, this is the Gold Coasts main water supply. Its not only Hinze, all dams will be showing signs of death, this is a global catastrophe, with next to NO media mentioning anything bout these serious situations.
If you know nothing of chemtrails, its about time you opened your eyes, looked up and took notice of what is so obvious when looking towards the sky. This is not candy floss, this is serioulsy so wrong, EVERYONE needs to shake a tree, shake a cage and starting asking questions.
As you will see in the video, i mention what people power can do, now ask yourself, “ARE YOU GOING TO SIT BACK, WATCH THINGS BE DESTROYED, INCLUDING YOUR OWN HEALTH?? If you wont do it for yourself, do it for your family, your children.
Just been released is the 2nd video which has been put together by Micheal J Murphy.
A well put together video and if you are unsure about this, be sure to watch that.
Absolute prime websites to look at are:
Thats just to name a couple, watch, learn, listen to what is going on, in the real world.

Dead Woods Maumee Bay State Park 9-15-12

Published on Sep 16, 2012 by

More dead and dying trees at a state park in Ohio. This is along a boardwalk. The foliage on the ground is still green and lush which is an indicator of the time of year. The bare trees are dead, not dormant.

Terrorist spray Chemtrails Above Amarillo Texas and Tree Damage due to Aluminum December 17

Published on Dec 25, 2011 by

My farms were sprayed back in 1989 in the Texas Panhandle, by crop dusters and we found the aluminum then, they are still spraying your food with aluminum and who knows what else.

Aluminum is not normally tested in your food because there are no known pesticides or “labeled,” products that are sprayed on your food that contains heavy metals, so they presume that they don’t exist, so they don’t test or toxic waste.

In this video I try to show the correlation between heavy metals the chemtrails and the resulting plant damage. Multi-date satellite imagery going back to the 70’s will show criss cross lines in our farm land. People all over Texas have stood up to the globalist who have invaded our government and attacked us with chemical weapons, while EPA, FBI and all levels of government have ignored the enemy therefore siding with the enemy. We should use the NDAA and arrest these traitors and put them on trial for high treason, and then carry out the sentence! Aluminum and other heavy metals build up over time, it is a poison. They say the fall of the Roman Empire was due to lead. Therefore the people who are causing this are causing the downfall of our freedom and should be dealt with accordingly. We know who you are and we are taking names.

Now our rural way of life has shrunk, main street is all but a dirt road, and calls of depopulation are being followed. Look up Addenda 21 for more information on the implementation of this program at the local level. It’s also called community devilment and a large portion of your taxes are going to fund this UN addenda.

Here’s the scam they are spraying our land with heavy metals then when the damage occures they say “moths, weather, poor farming practices, drought, all against mother nature, as I upload this they are meeting and forming world organizations to “protect,” the environment, and put a stop to the pollution that they caused. Why do we put us with these thugs and drug dealers? Are we as a people that weak? Have they dumbed us down to the point we cannot protect ourselves or our children? Not me, I’ve fought this since June 12, 1989 at 9:12 am because I know when a criminal is doing no good. Wake the HELL UP Sleepy heads.. and do something even if it’s just telling someone else about this make yourself useful.

It’s time that people wake up and stand up. If your congressman or woman is open about geoenginnering vote their asses out! We cannot tolerate this coup that has taken place on our land. We must stand together to fight this horrific threat or they will not stop!

Vote for the Constitution and someone who represents liberty and freedom . or the writing is in the sky.. they will kill us all. This is the most seious topic of our time, please take time to research it before our government shuts down the only free speech in Amerika, the internet.

Write me if you want more information.

Bless each one of you,

Chemtrail Fibers in Willow Tree, Phoenix, Dec. 28, 2010

Uploaded by on Dec 28, 2010

Chemtrail fibers are hard to see, but with the help of the sunlight, they can be seen if you are looking for them.

They are raining down on us here in Phoenix every day! In this video, I show you fibers in a tree, and you can see fibers raining down in the background sky in parts of the video.

Fibers are actually coating the limbs of this tree.

There are fibers attached to my roof. In the shrubs. In our lungs!!!!!! Chemtrail fibers can be very tiny, so they appear as a bright sparkle in the sky…they can be in clumps, where they look white, and I have seen a 3 foot long fiber fly by while looking at the sky.

These fibers, I have read, are meant to carry things like bacteria and virus’, and we are breathing these fibers. Chronic respiratory illness, like asthma and bronchitis are on the rise, as well as Morgellons and other illnesses related to chemtrails and chemtrail fibers. in chemtrails in search engine.

There are videos on chemtrails on you tube from all over the world.

Please help spread the word. Our children….our pets…our families….. all at risk from chemtrails….. who is doing this to us?


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