Organic Food is a Fraud

Organic Food is a Fraud

written by A Truth Soldier

Yes Organic Food is a Fraud because all living things are organic.

What you need is natural food, grown with natural seeds in a healthy natural way with no chemicals.

This organic food scam is fooling people into thinking they are buying healthy food.

That is not true.

The scam, is that people are paying much higher prices for this so called organic food that is not any better in most cases.

The governments here in Canada and the U.S.A. think that we the people do not have the right to know when our foods contain man made genetic mutations.

Much of the organic foods in stores contains genetically polluted insanity.

Yet you are not told so.

So it is time to go back to natural foods that are grown by family farmers that use time proven old fashioned farming.

Stay away from all factory farm products as they are not healthy for you.

Corporate insanity has taken over our planet.

The criminally insane corporations are destroying the health of this planet.

Learn about the chemtrails geo-engineering of our skies and the fall chemtrails chemicals fall out in the rain, is killing everything.

Yo are being told that it is a drought that is killing all the plants.

There is no drought.

It is chemtrails spraying pollution that is killing everything.

The fall out is killing all foliage all over this planet.

Learn more about all the trees and plant dying due to Chemtrails spraying at.



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