Are there any sane people remaining

Are there any sane people remaining?

written by A Truth Soldier

(See many more photos here. )

Does anyone even think at all?

To be sane one needs to question and investigate everything to find truth…

Why is it that no one has noticed that something so unnatural has developed.

Have you not noticed that the sun is now huge and orange every single night and mornings, even in winter?

Have you not noticed that the reddish orange color now goes all the way around (360 degrees) the horizon when the sun goes down or comes up?

Do you not realize that this is NOT normal?


I am on my way to 60 years old, so believe me a colorful sun set was an amazing thing when it occurred.

Because it occurred only a few times a year and it was only during very hot and very humid conditions.

Have you not noticed that the skies are white even when there are no clouds?

Have you not noticed that there are no more deep dark blue skies?

Anyone at the age of twenty or a bit older most likely has never seen a deep blue sky and a bright clear white sun..

That also applies to this question.

Have you not noticed that we can no longer hear jets when they fly across the skies?

Have you not seen all the different unnatural streams of what appears to be clouds up high in the sky?


Have you not noticed that those artificial clouds are well above the commercial jets that fly in the skies?


Are you not aware that natural clouds made of moisture can not exist above 35,000 feet and that commercials jets fly at 50,000 feet.

They fly at 50,000 feet because their is no atmosphere up there.

So that the air is very thin, cold and has no moisture or oxygen.

The jets fly at that altitude because there is no air resistance and the jet can fly very fast with the use of very little fuel (kerosene).


The things you see above the jets way up high are artificial clouds made of microscopic powder that contains aluminum and barium.

The skies look white in the day time because the sun illuminates the microscopic metallic particulates that have been sprayed day and night around the globe since approximately 1980.

The reason why the sun looks reddish orange everyday when it is closure to the horizon is because of the accumulated chemtrails material is thicker as you look sideways through the horizon.

These metallic particulates are acting like moisture dose during a rainbow.


That spraying is known as Chemtrails.

It is for geo-engineering the weather. In other words to control the weather.

It is also for what is known as H.A.A.R.P.

There are seven known haarp installations, but the most known one is up in Alaska.

Haarp is used for warfare. Known as environmental warfare.

With haarp they control temperatures and create earthquakes, tornadoes, droughts, hurricanes and they can even steer these creations.

If you do some studying on the inventor,

Nikoli Tesla, you will discover that all this technology was made possible by his discoveries and inventions.

For those of you who think and believe that what the jets are leaving behind is contrails, meaning condensation trails.

here is a thought for you.

Contrails are created by heated air and disappear when that air cools off in no more then 15 seconds.

Just like when you exhale your breath outside in winter.

Your breath disappears in a few seconds.

The jet up high are flying in freezing cold air.


So next time you look up in the sky and see a tiny looking jet.

Ask yourself how is it possible that there are cloud like things way up above the jets?

The U.S.a. military has been fly remote controlled white unmarked windowless drone planes around the clock spraying since 1980 to create that screen like a screen at a movie theater.


That screen is also used for a project known at Project Bluebeam.

That is used to create images of things such as U.F.O’s and much more.

Please educate yourselves and help others to wake up and understand that there are very power organizations in this world that are run by completely insane individuals.


You can learn much more at these sites.















 Pray to GOD.


Pamela Thomas SAYS   THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
The media and weather info DO NOT address any of this.  We have solid “cloud Cover” for entire
days and, although somewhat new to Oregon — NO ONE talks about this! – even in the summer..
AND – when you realize – WHAT ACTION can people take????
There is a sense of helplessness with this — and laws continue to pass (stealthily) to contain truthtellers
(think Nazi Germany).  The signs are growing daily.
Chad says
When Jesus retuns will he find faith on earth?
 I am beginning to think not!
 Luke18:8  tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?






2 thoughts on “Are there any sane people remaining”

  1. There may be something we can do about some things. I have a facebook page that shows some things they are doing, finally. Hope it is not too late. Hate to sound bitter but people don’t care about themselves or each other. I don’t think some of them are capable of caring, which is just as sad for them. Please email me for the facebook page if you want to. I recommend throwing seeds anywhere you see that trash or environmental disasters have caused deforestation or lack of grass etc because we need the oxygen and the forests and shrub and grass etc give us needed oxygen. Ours is so depleted. Fracking is another horrible thing that bad men are doing while using every excuse for it’s uses. There are buses now that run on vegetable oil so there are ways to combat this but people dont care..


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