Jets can no longer be heard in the skies

Jets can no longer be heard in the skies

written by A Truth Soldier

The frog is cooked.

Place a live frog in a pot of water and slowly turn up the temperature and it will not notice the heat,

and will not jump out of the water.

Most people are not much different in noticing gradual changes brought on by global operations.

I previously wrote a related article.

The “The sky is not blue”

On the same topic I am about to explain to you now.

Our skies have been undergoing an insane operation that is part of what it is known as geo-engineering.

So now again I am writing about the obvious that most have not noticed.

I am writing this to bring your attention to what they are doing to our skies and atmosphere.

It is known as CHEMTRAILING.

Here is a short video I did, that will explain some of it.

Click this link to watch all my chemtrails videos.

After over twenty years of spraying our skies with barium and aluminum (and many other chemicals and nano fibers)

The accumulated density of these CHEMTRAILS materials has made our air no longer clear, pure and natural.

The skies are now so dense with these microscopic materials that our skies during the day are no longer deep dark blue.

The sun hitting all these microscopic particles, will illuminate them, and make our skies appear white, even when there are no clouds.

Another very noticeable effect of the continued CHEMTRAIL spraying is seen as we look down towards the horizon where the density of the metallic powder of the CHEMTRAILS increases.

This is now causing the sun to color the horizon with a reddish orange glow all the way across the horizon every single day and night.

All those really bright colored sunsets and and sun rises are not natural.

I am almost 60 years old and I assure you that a colorful sunset was a very rare and wonderful event.

It occurred only a few times per year.

They were caused by really high humidity on very hot days.

The reflective nature of the microscopic metallic CHEMTRAILS particles has now made it impossible to hear jets flying in the skies.

Before approximately 1999. Even jets flying at over 50,000 feet could be heard.

But now no jets can be heard.

Global warming is real. But it is not being caused by what we are being told.

It is caused by the CHEMTRAILS shield that they sprayed around the globe.

This shield is trapping in the earth heat from escaping into outer space.

Please read up on H.A.A.R.P. to learn about why they erected this CHEMTRAILS shield around the globe.

The insane New World Order, Globalists and Corporations are completely out of control.

The criminally insane are fucking up our natural world and you are letting them do it because you say nothing about it.

Have a look at my pictures of CHEMTRAILS jets and more more at these sites.



One thought on “Jets can no longer be heard in the skies”

  1. I’ve been actively investigating this for years, I came across something called global dimming. The BBC did an excellent documentary on it. Doesn’t address chemtrails specifically but I think it is the final piece of the puzzle. Please check it out. I am with you brother. I also remember blue skies and that rare sunset. While I understand denial in 20 somethings it is Amazing to me the people our age who accept this as the norm.


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