Did Chemtrails and HAARP Cause TS DEBBY’s Record Rainfall and Floods

Did Chemtrails and HAARP Cause TS DEBBY’s Record Rainfall and Floods?

July 1, 2012

Evidence of Attempt  to Influence TS DEBBY with Geoengineering Aerosols and Electromagnetic Radiation

Tropical Storm Debby was responsible for seven deaths in Florida and one in Alabama.

NASA satellite images reveal extensive high altitude aerosol releases on top of Debby’s unstable weather bands east of the storm’s center and other areas of the northern Gulf states.

Of special interest is the frequent appearance of thumbprint cloudsthought to be a reaction of conductive barium and aluminum aerosols to the presence of one or more powerful electromagnetic fields originating from an ionospheric heater facility like HAARP.

Considerable uncertainty in the future of Debby’s path became an issue.

Early forecast tracks took Debby to the left or to the right depending on the best computer models.  Instead, the storm remained near stationary in the northern Gulf for days, flooding North Florida and adjacent states with from 10 to over 20 inches of rain.
A close-up view of an INTELLICAST loop  reveals a large area of likely electromagnetic influence.

EVERGREEN AIR owns a “fleet” of B-747 Tankers capable of dumping weather modification chemicals into the atmosphere as seen on the MODIS Satellite image.

A related story on EVERGREEN AIR could shed light on why their highly advertised, fire-fighting B-747 Tankers were CONSPICUOUSLY ABSENT in helping to contain Colorado fires.




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