Curing Morgellons 4 STEP PROTOCOL

Curing Morgellons 4 STEP PROTOCOL


By frankybme on 2011-11-13 00:49:44 | From
Greetings! am symptom free and here is my 4 step protocol:


Morgellons – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Fusarium oxysporum – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

chickpea wilt fusarium oxysporum chitosan – Google Scholar


Morgellons-Morgellons Disease – View Profile: sportsman1969

1) BLOOD – Chitosan 1000mg a day adding 500mg a day
( not to exceed 15000mg/15grams per day ) taken with supper/evening meal
Chitosan has zero calories and is indigestible in the human digestive system, it simply filter the blood and poisons the Morgellons Organism without harm to the human host.
Chitosan is also the ONLY KNOWN INHIBITOR of Fusarium Oxysporum.


GNC Total Lean™ Chitosan with Glucomannan – GNC – GNC

2) Environment – car and home – MoldStat Plus Concentrate 16oz
( use per manufacturers instruction results in as little as a week with Flying fiber spores diminishing with continued daily use. MoldStat Kills airborne Morgellons spores.


MoldSTAT Plus – mold cleaner and killer | EPA Registered for cleaning and killing mold with out bleach

3) SKIN – ACE PATHWAY TREATMENT via Moringa Oil rubbed on entire body followed by immediate UV tanning session twice weekly. Boosts immune system, heals skin.

Moringa Oil | Moringa Source

Moringa oil mediated activation of … – Google Patents

4) REBUILDING IMMUNE SYSTEM. – DNA – 9 KEY ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS via whey protein and soy powder. Taken first thing in the morning on empty stomach and wait at least 30 minutes before eating. One may even add curcumin


Essential amino acid – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

List of essential amino acids

Details of all for key protocol steps are posted individually and can be found by clicking my user ID on MDR which is “sportsman1969” click then click statistics than click find all threads by sportsman1969

While on this protocol, I am symptom free!


The above information has not been evaluated by the FDA. Any information contained herein; is not medical advise or recommendations by posting party. Information contained herein; is simply a diary of a Morgellons suffer with products sold OTC and available in various stores in the U.S. if you have a medical condition please consult your physician before starting any protocol.


7 thoughts on “Curing Morgellons 4 STEP PROTOCOL”

    1. morgellons is caused by shungite russian meteorite. these fullerenes are artificial life activated by cell towers. notice your symptoms started when cell towers popped up everywhere? No coffee, no tea. You’ll reduce symptoms big time. Black stones in jewelry could be shungite. I had a tiny black stone in silver. Put in plastic container. Months later it felt like a bunch of bugs flew into my face. Pass this on. This is critical info.


  1. Does this 4 step help the hair? I have had morgellons since 2002 and for the first 2 years it was only on my fingers then it started effecting my toes and thevballs of my feet. Itvwas painfull at times and annoying but when it moved to my head and hair I almost lost my mind. Does this helpband if not have you foundvanything that does


    1. It likes yogurt. Eat some before going to bed and they go for the yogurt instead of coming out of your skin. Probiotics have mold and this stuff loves it along with copper. Put copper on and they eat your body up. It’s insane. Shungite russian meteorite are the fibers or fullerenes. Google graphenes. Same stuff. They are putting it in everything they could think of. Stop the evil BSTDS. Nobel prize for the 4th type of carbon in 96 when this plague went into full effect.


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