VIDEO Man Against the Machine – Their Poison Propaganda

Man Against the Machine – Their Poison Propaganda NGOs &

Foundations – Final – Anthony J Hilder

People who pose as activists are insiders and are leading environmental movements backed by NGOs and Foundations. Then Universities and activist movements propel the propaganda to the people which serves the Illuminati plan to reduce the population and install world Government. In the background are the likely suspects as always….the Council On Foreign Relation, Trilateral Commission etc. This video follows some of the activities of Gary Richard Arnold in his decades long fight against the political machine which has Globalist objectives. Country borders and currency just get in the way to them fulfilling their plan for humaity.

This is the Final release with music – Man Against The Machine Support the people who are supporting you. It costs to make pro videos.
Man Against The Machine movie release With Music. For a full resolution copy go to Free World Film Works to purchase a DVD.

(Copyright … Free World Film Works)

Look For Anthony J Hilder Videos On UK Paradigm Shift TV Sky CH 203 & simulcast on the Net:!/anthonyjhilder

@anthonyjhilder – Final – Anthony J Hilder


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